Fun Online Resources for College Students

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college-friendsFor those of you who don’t know, I’m a mommy blogger. I have my own personal blog called Everyday Baby Steps where I blog about the challenges of being a work-at-home mom along with my views on topics like women’s personal development, health, and parenting. I’ve recently started blogging more about beauty and fashion for moms, and while doing research for my blog, came across a great website I wanted to pass along to you. Yeah, you’ve probably heard of it. You’re young and cool, and I’m just a mom who used to be the one to tell college students what classes to take. But in case you don’t know it, I’d like to pass it along to you.

College Candy

It’s called College Candy, and it covers everyday opics like relationships, pop  culture, and fashion, not just academics and the cost of education. It also takes a look at issues like current events and health from a college student’s perspective. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. This is not to say that I’m not giving you good advice here at And You Will Graduate, but I am definitely one to give credit where credit is due. This site has tons of great information that I’m just not currently in possession of, being that I’m a 30-something mom of three who’s been out of undergrad for more than a decade.

But I’m by no means approaching the nursing home, either, and I have to admit I really had a good time exploring the content on College Candy. I also enjoyed checking out the sites on its blog roll, and I’d like to highlight some of those here.

College Know It All

The blog at College Know It All covers topics like dating, socializing, campus life, as well as career exploration and academics, all from the point of view of a college student. I saw some great posts like “To Be or Not To Be an RA”, “Dating on a Dime”, and “Job Spotlight: Event Planner.” This is all great stuff. I have to say I wasn’t as pleased to see as many posts on drinking as I did, though I know that alcohol is a fact of life in college. And you can only imagine my reaction when I saw the title, “Build Your Schedule…Without Your Advisor”, which goes against everything I’ve told you about scheduling. You know what though? This post actually contained quite a lot of good information that I would’ve given you as well, so I was pleasantly surprised.

College Fashion

I, admittedly, had a really good time perusing this site. College Fashion is celebrating their second anniversary and is a blog for college women who love fashion and style. The blogger behind College Fashion, Briana (not her real name), is a woman who loves high fashion but can mix it up with pieces that work on a college budget. Some of my favorite posts include “How to Wear Cowboy Boots”, “8 Fashion Rules You Should Follow”, and “Get Ready Fast – 7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles”. The last one applies to busy moms as well as college students!


DormDelicious is such a fun site. I know they didn’t have anything like this around when I was in college! Wow, this is an entire site dedicated to decorating your dorm room. How cool is that? You’ll find decorating ideas, organization tips, and bargain finds, all geared at sprucing up the college dorm. You can even find tips from other students on the site. Some of the fun posts that stood out to me were “Off Campus Housing: Is It Right for You?”, “Make a Table Out of Your Old Books”, “What To Bring to College: Things You Might Forget”, and “Upgrade Your Dorm Room With These Essentials”. You’ll find some awesome advice and really inspiring ideas about what to do with your college dorm room to make it home on a budget.


I found Charade through a guest post on DormDelicious. This is the site I needed when I was a college student. Charade’s tagline is “A Fabulous Lifestyle On a Student Budget”. When I was a college student, I was most certainly not living a fabulous lifestyle on my poor little budget. Megan, the site’s blogger, covers all areas of the college life including fashion & shopping, travel, money & cheap tips, and food & health. Posts that I love include “Cheap Tips for Supermarket Shopping”, “Planning and Having Your Best Year Ever”, “10 Free Ways to Enrich Your Day”, and “Getting the Most From Your Winter Basics: The Sweater”. These are all titles that my mom blogger friends would love, too. Hmm…maybe we’re not so different after all.

I’m sure these are just a fraction of the very cool sites and blogs out there for college students, and I realize that these resources tend to lean toward the feminine appeal. If I had found any more sites, this post would go on forever, and I would be neglecting the welfare of my children. As far as choosing chick sites, I apologize, guys, but I’m a girl. You all tell me. What other fun sites are there specifically for college students, and what kinds of things would appeal to guys? Please remember to keep it clean. I am old, remember!


Megan says:

Thanks for including me Mary, I’m truly flattered to be included alongside some of those big names. Keep up the good work, I’ll surely be sending my readers your very way soon.

Mary Davis says:

Thank YOU, Megan! I was very impressed with your site and thought your content was great. I appreciate you visiting and your kind words.

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