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If you are a parent, you can bet your bottom dollar that one day…one day, it will happen to you.  One day, you will open up the dryer after doing a load of laundry and you will find melted crayon all over the dryer and the clothes that were in the dryer. Then what do you do?

I have heard of people that simply throw away the entire load of laundry!  It may be “easy” to do this, but it’s certainly not frugal to go out and purchase new items to replace the clothes that were in that laundry load. 

Even though I am careful and try to check my children’s pockets before I do the wash, it’s inevitable that at some point, a crayon will get past me and into the laundry.  I can guarantee that this will happen at least a few times a year.  If I would throw away the clothes instead of trying to save them, it could be quite expensive!

I’ve tried many things over the years.  I’ve found that it is possible to get most of the stains out of your laundry, even after you’ve dried the crayon into the clothes.  It is possible to get rid of crayon stains in your dryer too.

Cleaning Melted Crayon Off Of Your Dryer

Cleaning melted crayon off of your dryer takes some time and a little bit of work, but it can be done.  To clean your dryer, take all of the clothes out of the dryer.  Run the dryer for at least 10 minutes to soften the crayon that has melted to the dryer drum.  When the dryer is still warm, take a dish scrubber(the kind used for teflon pans) and scrub the crayon off the drum.  It may be possible to get all of the crayon off by doing just this. 

If you can’t get all of the crayon off by just scrubbing, squirt the inside of the drum with “Goo Gone” and wait for about 30 seconds.  Try scrubbing again.  After you are done, wipe off the excess Goo Gone with an old towel.  Wet another towel and wipe the inside of the drum down.  Dry with another old towel. By doing this, you will get off most of the crayon and the Goo Gone.

Cleaning Melted Crayon Off Your Clothes

Cleaning melted crayon that has set in your clothes can be tricky and it may be impossible to get all of the stains off some clothing pieces.  However, I have been able to save most of the clothes that have gotten stained during the laundry cycle.  Therefore, it’s worth the effort to at least try to get the crayon out.

To clean crayon out of clothing, I use my regular detergent, and 2 scoops of Oxy-Clean.  I also use a product I found at The Dollar General store which costs $1!  It’s called M30 and it is actually for cleaning crayon, ink, blood, chocolate, grass, and other tough stains from laundry.  I use about 3 T of this product in the laundry load.

Let the entire load soak for at least 15 minutes in warm water and make sure that you use warm water to wash your clothes.  After the wash cycle is over, check the clothes to see if the stains are gone.  If they are not entirely gone, repeat the process again.  After the second time, you may find certain items that are still stained.  Try to spot clean these items and then launder them again. 

Although you will spend some time and some money to clean clothes that have been covered with melted crayon, it is worth it.  If you compare the cost of saving your laundry versus the cost of replacing that load, you’ll find that it pays to be frugal!

Have you saved a load of laundry from melted crayon? What method did you use?


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