Get Inside Information Before the Campus Visit

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I found another informative site you just have to check out if you’re heading to college in the fall. It would be great for transfer students too. offers video and blog posts from actual students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities from across the country. According to the site, you’ll get “access to key stats to over 2000 colleges, video from over 200 campuses, and over 20,000 interviews from students, professors, staff, faculty, and local merchants.” It sounded really cool, so I did a little exploring of the site.


The video section of this site is amazing! They’ve put together interviews with college students at a number of schools to talk about various aspects of college life at that institution. You’ll hear a number of perspectives as well because they’ve taken the time to interview lots of students. You’ll learn about things like campus and class size, but you’ll even get inside information such as the best class to take with which professor.

School Comparisons

What a helpful feature! I wish they had this when I was in college. You can put in the names of up to four colleges and get instant comparison results. You’ll be able to compare stats like average class size, tuition costs, number of students, entrance criteria, and average student GPA.

Top 5 Lists

You can see a compilation of the top five schools in every category imagineable at Examples include “Best Marching Band”, “Best Football Stadium”, “Best Quality of Life”, and “Hardest To Get Into”. You’re sure to find a category that fits your interests. I liked the “Most Beautiful Campus” category.


Speaking of beautiful campuses. You can see photographs of the campuses you’re looking into. You’ll also be able to see pictures of sites to see in the surrounding area. Check out these pictures of great places to go in Pittsburgh, my city. In a blog post entitled, “Pitt Ain’t the Pits”, a Pitt student debunks the myths that there’s nothing to do at the University of Pittsburgh.

Make Money

Do you want to write about the merits of your college or university? You can submit articles to and get paid $5 per accepted post. The site says you can make submit up to 100 articles per month to make $500. It’s not likely that all of your articles will be accepted. I’m sure they’ll have to consider their editorial need, so don’t count on meeting all your financial needs this way. But it does seem like a great way to earn some estra spending cash while building a portfolio of writing. This is a good strategy for students of all majors, not just journalism.

I’m very impressed with the features of this site. There’s so much to learn about the schools you’re considering. Take some time to explore I’m sure you’ll find tons of information to make your college search easier.


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