Some Pros and Cons of Summer Classes

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Yes, I’m thinking about summer already. Not just because I’m ready for warm weather, although that’s part of it. If you haven’t considered wheter or not to take classes this summer, now’s the time to do so. There are many factors to consider when scheduling classes. Scheduling summer classes offers a slew of new considerations. Here’s a list of some pros and cons to think about regarding whether you should take courses this summer.


  • Summer classes are shorter. Depending on the session you sign up for, it may be possible to complete a particular class in less than a month. It could be great to get a dreaded course out of the way in a short time period, and it may even be beneficial to expose yourself to those difficult concepts on a daily basis in order to get a good grasp on the material.
  • You can often take classes somewhere close to home. Taking classes in the summer can be a convenient and cost-effective way to gain credits by taking them at a community college or state school close to home. You may be able to save money on tuition while incorporating coursework into your regular summer routine. Always check with  your school’s advising department to be sure the credits from your intended coursework will transfer!
  • Summer classes often offer smaller class size. This can be very helpful for courses that may cause you anxiety, like Public Speaking. Giving a speech in front of fewer people may make the experience less nerve-wracking.


  • Summer classes are shorter. Wait a minute, didn’t I already list this as a pro? Yes, but it’s important to bear in mind that, because summer classes are shorter, they can also be more intensive. Shorter summer courses cram a lot of information in to a little amount of time, which can be overwhelming for some students. It’s important to take into consideration your personality and lifestyle as well as your aptitude for the subject when deciding whether to take an intensive summer class.
  • It’s easy to overdo it. It’s so tempting sometimes to try to take a bunch of classes in the summer. I’ve heard all the rationale. Students have told me, “I’m not doing anything else this summer so I can concentrate on school.” or “I can handle it.” without taking into consideration the length of the classes, the intensity, or the burnout involved. Summer classes can last up to four hours a day. That’s a long time to keep your mind on one subject. Taking classes all year-long can also lead very quickly to burnout.

Keep these factors in mind when scheduling classes for the summer. Go with your gut; you know your strengths and your learning style. Think about these things when making your decision. Also, don’t wait much longer – popular classes fill up fast in the summer too!

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