Parenting During a High Risk Pregnancy

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An online friend of mine mentioned today that she had been put on bedrest for the duration of her pregnancy.  Bedrest certainly isn’t something that is a great thing to endure, especially when you have young children at home.  I’ve been on bedrest during pregnancy three times.  I found it to be a very stressful time, but I made it through.  Here are some things which I found to be helpful.

Get Clarification

Ask you doctor specifically what he or she considers to be bedrest.  You may be allowed out of bed only to use the bathroom, or you may have a little more freedom.  Clarifying your limits is very important for your health and the health of your unborn child.

Get Help

This is so important!  Many women find it difficult to ask for help, but you need to push past your worries and just ask.  If you live close to relatives, this will be a great place to start.  It’s also a good idea to ask for specifics when requesting help.  For example: “I’ve been told I need to go on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. I really could use some help getting my toddler up in the morning and off to pre-school.  Can you help me with this?” 

If people aren’t able to help, don’t take it personally.  Ask someone else!  If you live far away from your relatives, it can be more difficult. Perhaps you can hire a neighborhood teen to help keep your children amused until your husband comes home from work.  If you belong to a church, this is also a great place to seek assistance.

Get A Routine

With my third child, I had a particularly rough time.  We lived far away from any family.  In addition, we also lived in a very rural location and I was on bedrest during the winter.  It was difficult for people to get to me to help.  Because of this, I had to do the best I could do given the circumstances.  During the day, I basically laid on the couch and I had my friends block off the entrance way to the living room with a baby gate.  The children had access to only that room and so it was easy to keep an eye on them from the couch.  I had friends buy pre-packaged meals that were easily heated in the microwave.  This made it easy to “fix lunch” for us all and took very little energy. 

Get Connected

One of the most difficult parts of bedrest is feeling isolated from family and friends.  Be sure to take some time to connect with loved ones either on the phone or over the internet.  This will really help boost your spirits.

When you are tempted to “cheat”, remember that you are on bedrest for a reason; your baby is depending on you!  Although it seems like this time will last forever, very soon your baby will be here and you’ll be back to your regular routine.

Have you ever been on bedrest? What tips can you share?  Please post!


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