Can Safety Standards Make A Product Useless?

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I think safety is a good thing.  As a mom, I make sure that my children take precautions as appropriate: they wash their hands to get rid of germs, they wear safety gear when riding their bikes, and they buckle up their seat belts in the car.  My father laughs at my safety conscious ways at times.  We never wore seat belts in cars or helmets when riding bikes he reminds me. 

When I had my first child, my grandmother gave me the bassinet that had been used by generations of children in our family.  I used it, mostly because we financially couldn’t afford another sleeping option for our infant.  When my sister had her oldest, I gave the bassinet to her.  She was aghast when she saw the bassinet and quickly pointed out the safety violations in the 100 year old heirloom.  The bassinet now sits in her attic, gathering dust.  Of course, my sister was right, and she was right to retire the family heirloom. Better safe than sorry I say.

Today, I read a news article which gave me cause to think about safety however.  According to the news article, crib manufacturers in the United States are considering a ban on cribs with a drop side option.  If the new regulations are passed, all cribs would be made with 4 immovable sides.

The Consumer Product Commission states that in the United States, 3 children have died in the past 18 months because of accidents involving moving crib sides.  Because of accidents and injuries, there have been numerous product recalls as well.

I wonder what this REALLY means.  If the newest proposed safety regulations are passed, how will this impact parents of young children?  Of course I want for my children to be safe and I grieve with parents who have children who have died or been injured from a crib. 

 As a parent who is quite short, I wonder how this will impact my life. I also have concerns about reaching over a tall crib side to pick up or lay down an infant.  To me, it seems that the new proposed regulations would actually be unsafe.  What do I know?

I’m curious to know how you feel about the proposed safety standard changes.  Have you been concerned about the safety of your child in his crib? Do you think these product changes will actually make your child safer, or do you worry that the changes may actually make your child less safe? Please post!


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