Frugal Friday

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I am constantly working to find creative and easy ways to save money on our food budget.  This is because our food expenses are quite size-able for our family of 7!

I am amazed when I read about many of the money saving schemes that some employ in an effort to reduce their grocery bills.  While I could see using some of these strategies to save money in a pinch, I can’t foresee using them on a regular basis.   I began to look at our budget to see what I could “cut” in order to reduce expenses as painlessly as possible. 

Cut The Garbage

If you have kids, and if you watch TV, you’ll see that a lot of money is spent on advertising “edible garbage”.  Of course children want to try the latest snack after seeing the clever commercial!

Save yourself some money and help your children’s health at the same time: limit the amount of snacks that you buy.  If you do purchase snacks, buy in bulk and repackage if necessary.  For example, instead of buying a large bag of many single servings of potato chips for school lunches, purchase a large bag and then divide the bag into servings for your children for school lunches.  You’ll save yourself and incredible amount of money!

Eat Out Less Often

In today’s hectic world, it’s often easier to eat out than it is to make a meal at home. Sometimes, you may not have a choice.  For example, earlier this week, we were out all day because the children had several appointments at specialists.  I did take them to a fast food restaurant for a quick “lunch” between appointments.

It may not be possible to totally eliminate eating out expenses from your budget, but you can work to reduce the amount of times you eat out per week.  By doing this, you’ll also help to reduce your expenses.  Instead of going for a gourmet coffee EVERY day, perhaps you could make your own coffee and save the trip to the gourmet shop for a special outing.

Check Your Portions

We live in a “super size” world.  Indeed portion sizes have increased over the past 30 years in an incredible way!  I didn’t believe this at first, but it is true.  In fact, I was surprised when I learned the sizes of typical servings from different food groups.  We really don’t need as much food as we think we do.

Watching your portion sizes is good for your health, your diet, and your pocketbook!  It’s fairly simple to do too.

Do you have any easy tips for saving money on your food bill? Please post!


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