How To Host A Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

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My children love to hunt for easter eggs, but because of their handicaps, it’s hard for them to participate in community events.  For that reason, we started hosting a neighborhood egg hunt.  We usually invite all of the children in the neighborhood, including those who are “differently abled“.

I usually have the hunt on a weekend before the holiday, and we send out invitations several weeks before the event.  It’s always a good idea to ask for egg donations.  I usually ask parents to bring 6 eggs for each child they have participating in the event.  Last year, we hid over 100 eggs for the children to find!

I’ve also found that it’s best to request that parents bring plastic eggs filled with candy.  One year, I found that many of the hard boiled eggs were actually not cooked all the way through.  This meant that I had to throw them out for safety reasons.  You certainly don’t want children to get sick from eating the egg hunt eggs!

Last year, I did invite many of the children in the neighborhood over to our house to dye hard boiled eggs for the hunt.  This way, the kids got to color the eggs, and I knew that they were cooked correctly!  Sine it was such a huge success last year, we’ll be repeating the event again this year.

Our event is non-competitive in that each child is allowed to find 6 eggs.  Once a child has found 6 eggs, he is done with the egg hunt.  Many children help the younger children after they’ve finished.  This is nice! 

To make the hunt more fun, I mark some of the eggs with numbers.  Each number corresponds to a prize.  Prizes include money, gift certificates, and candy.  I make sure to ask for prize donations as well as egg donations!  One year, we had just one prize: a large chocolate bunny.  My oldest child, who is visually impaired, ended up finding the prize egg!  That certainly was an amazing feat.

After the egg hunt, I usually invite everyone back into the house to watch movies and have popcorn.  This gives both children and adults time to visit and get to know each other.  Not only is our yearly egg hunt great fun for all of the neighborhood children, but it’s a great way to meet the neighbors. 

Do you have any community building events in your neighborhood? Have you ever hosted a neighborhood egg hunt?


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