Top 10 Art Websites For Kids

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Art abounds on the internet.  Not only can you find great websites about different artistic styles, but you can learn about artists and explore different art mediums.  If you are a parent or a teacher, you can also find some great websites which detail art lessons.

There are so many different types of art too! Art can be as simple as a single colored drawing done by a pre-schooler.  It can be as complex as an intricately folded origami piece.  Art can be created with clay, oil pastels, paper, and even glue! Art can be discovered in a museum, or created and displayed at home on your refrigerator.

Here are my top 10 favorite art websites, in no particular order. I’ve purposely tried to find websites which deal with many different types of art.  My hope in writing this blog post is to encourage children to be inspired to create their own works of art.


This site is for aspiring animators.  The site, which is geared towards teens, shows your child how to create and animate their own drawings.  Along the way, the site creators also reveal some animation secrets. 

I’d recommend this site for teens and adults who would like to learn about drawing and animation.

This art site lists numerous great artists.  There is a biography about the artist and pictures of their works.  Also listed is a paragraph about each of the artist’s styles.

This site is for elementary aged children and their parents.  Perhaps it might interest middle school aged children who are “into” art and want to learn more about different artists.

My oldest daughter loves origami, a Japanese art involving folding paper.  This website is perfect for her and children like her who enjoy learning about origami.  At this site, you can learn to create boxes, animated characters, jewelry, plants and animals out of paper.  WOW!

The site itself is beautifully designed.  I would strongly recommend checking out this site.

This is a great site for parents, teachers, and older students.  The “playground” area has many great art ideas and would be appropriate for middle school aged children and above.

This site is interesting because it explores the science of color.  Why do we see colors?  Is white REALLY a color?  This site answers those questions and many other color related questions. 

This site is geared towards a wide variety of age groups.

This site is for parents and educators who would like to encourage their children and students to create.  I like this site because it features children’s art creations from around the world.  Very neat!

If you are looking for ideas on how to keep your children entertained during school breaks or on weekends, this is the site for you.

This incredibly creative website allows children to explore famous paintings as “art sleuths”.  The premise is that a child playing near the art museum gets sucked into a painting.  He needs to explore the painting in order to “escape”.

This is a great way to get your children to think about what an artist is trying to communicate through his or her piece of art.  This can be a difficult concept to actually explain to a child–that a piece of art communicates many things.  This website makes that concept easy to understand.

I like this website because it is a blog about art.  The blog is an ongoing collection of art projects which you can create with your children.  The art projects are creative and fun and they even feature art from other countries.

This website teaches children about art concepts like lines and shapes.  There are also games that children can play to learn about different artistic concepts.

The website is geared to elementary and middle school aged children.

I really like this website because it has projects that are made using glue!   You can find glue projects geared towards a variety of age groups too: from kindergarten to high school.

In addition to project ideas, you can color online and play art games.

Do you have any great websites that you’d like to share? Please post!


zainab imran says:

there is nothing of interest of 10 year old children

Matt says:

Thanks for this great resource. As a teacher, the kids in my class only spend roughly 40 minutes a week on art. I am looking for creative ideas to implement art into other subjects so my kids can build creativity.

Madeline says:

The site you listed for aspiring animators is great for my teenagers. One of my kids is now looking to pursue animation and graphic design further in high school. Please visit my wholesale photo to canvas store.

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