Frugal Friday

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Easter will soon be upon us.  Along with Easter come new outfits for spring, a holiday dinner, and Easter baskets full of treats.  Of course, clothes and candy cost money!  How can you celebrate the holiday frugally?

Ideally, you should start purchasing items for your celebration well enough in advance that you can budget your expenses over a length of time.  Trying to do it all in one paycheck can make for a stressful experience, especially in these times of economic hardship.

Many grocery stores have food items on sale during the weeks leading up to the holiday. Purchase your holiday meal supplies when they are on sale.  If you can, find a store with a free ham offer and take advantage of that deal!  Many stores will give you a free ham if you purchase so many dollars of groceries for so many weeks at their store.  If you can’t get your ham for free, perhaps you can find a great sale locally!

Many stores have great sales on spring clothing.  Look around to find the store offering the best sale and go shopping there!  If your children like to wear Easter hats, you may be able to find nice ones at your local dollar store!  I actually found hats and purses in pastel colors for $1!  Although the hats and the purses were nothing fancy, my girls were thrilled!  The store also had cute Easter tights for my younger girls for $1 each. 

Every spring, I buy my children a pair of white dress shoes.  Each fall, I get them a pair of black dress shoes.  It is old-fashioned, but it works, and it stretches the budget.  I usually wait until the local shoe store has a buy one get one sale before I purchase shoes for the kids.  That way, I can stretch our budget dollars as far as they can go!

I purchased nice baskets for Easter years ago.  I reuse them every year.  I usually buy “grass” for the baskets after Easter and store it until the following year.  I’ve gotten some wonderful deals that way!

Over the past few months, I’ve been stocking up on supplies for the children’s baskets.  I buy some candy, but I like to get them each a book or something else educational for their baskets.  I also usually get them a small stuffed animal.  This year, I found a sale on Easter stuffed toys.  The store was selling the toys for 99 cents!

Start shopping now and take advantage of the great sales to stretch your budget as far as you can.  Your holiday will be fun and frugal!


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