Four Ways To Get Your Motivation Back

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stressedSpring Break’s come and gone. You’re back in school, refreshed and ready to go, right? Not necessarily, I know. This is definitely a time in the semester when burnout sets in and motivation tends to drop. This is probably one of the worst times to lose your motivation mojo, with major projects coming due and finals right around the corner. Here are some ways to get your groove back and see the semester through to the end. You can do it!

Set Your Priorities

Figuring out which tasks on your to-do list are most important is necessary for productivity. It’s easy to procrastinate on the big stuff by taking care of the less important and easier things, but try to avoid this temptation. This will only lead to procrastination and stress. Completing the major to-do’s will give you a sense of accomplishment and make the rest seem easy. Also, you’ll want to consider more than your daily priorities. What are your priorities for your education and beyond? Keeping these in the front of your mind adds perspective and increases your desire to get things done.

Remember Your Goals

Get out the list of goals you set for the semester. If you haven’t done this, do it now. It’ll just take a bit of time to write down the things you hope to accomplish. You can then check to see if you’re on the right track or if you need to reassess the situation. Doing a goal check can really help to motivate you. Don’t get stressed out if you find you’re on the wrong track. Remember that you’re in charge and make the necessary changes to get things moving smoothly again.

Seek Support

You may find that getting back on track may be a bit overwhelming to take on by yourself. Get a tutor if you need academic help. Talk to you professor if you’re not sure where you stand in a particular class. Rally your friends around you when you’re stressed out. Chances are they’re stressed as well, and you can help each other to brainstorm ways to handle what’s overwhelming you.

Make It Real

Sometimes school can seem like something you’re doing just because you have to. It’s easy to lose sight of the prize. You’re probably going to college to attain certain career or personal goals. Write down everything you want to get out of college. This will make it more real and give you perspective on the reason for all the tests and assignments. Also, consider getting some career counseling if you’re still unsure of your major. I’ve talked to a lot of students who become much more motivated when they feel they’re on the path to the career of their dreams.

It’s okay to lose your focus every once in awhile, but don’t let lack of motivation cause you to crash and burn. You can take control of your academic life. Check out this article from the College Board for more helpful information on student motivation.


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