College Fun On the Cheap

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It seems everyone’s struggling financially these days. College students have traditionally been known to be a group with limited economic resources, so you may really feel crunched in this recession to be able to find things you can afford to do. There are still things you can your friends can enjoy that are free or cost next to nothing. You may just have to be a bit creative!

On Campus

Check out the events offered by your college’s programming board. There are usually signs posted in the residence halls and at the student union advertising upcoming shows or lectures. Many schools are able to bring nationally known acts to campus, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than going to a concert in the city. Does your campus show movies? It might not be the latest release, but heading to the flick on campus is a fun, cheap night out. Also, open your mind to attending lectures that come to your school. On-campus lectures are an awesome way to learn something new, and sometimes professors offer extra credit for attending these types of presentations.

Off Campus

If you’re looking for culture, check out a local museum or bookstore to see exhibits or readings are being offered. When I was in school so very long ago, we used to find a friend with a car, pile in, and just head to the mall. It’s a nice change of scenery, and window shopping with pals can be therapeutic! Do you or a friend live off campus? If so, you could plan a house party, which is  a cheaper alternative to hitting the clubs. You can offer an inexpensive alcoholic punch or make it BYOB. Just please make sure everyone who’s invited is of legal drinking age and that things don’t get out of hand. If you keep it small and invite only your close circle of friends, you should be able to have just as much fun as you would hitting the bars without any stress.

In A Group

You might want to look into the new group dating sites where you and your friends can meet people from nearby campuses and get together in a public place. You can meet potential dates in a safe environment and share the bill. Sounds like a good deal to me. Get together with your friends for a good old-fashioned potluck dinner. It may sound corny, but you’ll be able to sample some good food while enjoying great company. It’s a no-fail, laid back way to hang out.

One On One

You and your sweetie or best pal don’t always have to hang around the dorm or apartment watching TV just because you’re broke. Consider one of the above suggestions and head to the local museum or bookstore. Go to a movie, concert, lecture, or sporting event on campus. The possibilitiies are endless. And sometimes you just need some time to yourself. Don’t forget there are tons of activities you can do by yourself for free or for little money. Go for a walk, exercise at the gym, just read a good book. Downtime is something we all need.

So don’t stress out about having nothing to do as a poor college student. Just use your imagination and be safe. You’ll find more than enough things to keep you busy on a budget.


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