And You Will Sponsor Us!

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I have implemented a new platform to assist the self-sponsorship of our And You Will blog with both banner and text link sponsorship using OIO Publisher. This is a wordpress plugin that can easily process paypal payments, and allow you to upload your banner images easily.

I highly recommend this software plugin for managing your own ads, and there is an $8 discount available if you purchase in the month of April 2009 using coupon code … “SPRING-HEN”.


Meanwhile, I have set the prices for the 125 x 125 banner ads to be $30/month and text link ads to be $15/month (USD) for the month of April. On May 1st prices will go up.

For all sponsors who sign up during the month of April 2009, you will have the opportunity to maintain these prices indefinitely. All you have to do is set the paypal “subscription” option to YES. This will reassure your continued sponsorship at these introductory prices until you (or us) stop the subscription. Spots are first come first serve and 8 spots are available in each category.


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