Small Home Office Organization Tips

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desk23I know a lot about organizing small spaces, as my family of five lives in an 1100 square foot home. We’ve managed to make two of these bedrooms work for three children, using loft beds and lots of creative storage bins. Recently I added a home office area to my small master bedroom where I can work on my laptop in peace, away from the chaos of my busy family. Here are some tips I took away from the experience. Hopefully, these ideas will help you carve out your own little private workspace.

Make It Fit Your Needs

I needed to put an additional desk in our bedroom. The desk that we had was being occupied by the kids’ desktop computer, so there was no room for me to set up shop there. With all of our essential bedroom furniture in the room, in addition to the existing computer desk, there was no way I could fit another desk. So I improvised and purchased a long, narrow console table that serves my needs quite well. Check it out; that’s my new work station you see in this post. It fits up against the wall and allows plenty of walking space. I just roll over the desk chair when I’m ready to work.

Use All Available Space

In my improvised office area, space is at a premium. I need to use every inch available to me to maximize my storage capacity. Therefore, I’ve placed baskets on top of the filing cabinet that I’ve filled with small items like stationery, paperclips, and pens. My bookcase serves as a printer stand and holds my lateral file tray. Getting double duty out of items in your office is always a good  idea. If you have empty wall space, consider installing shelves for additional storage. You can even use the space beneath your desk to put things you don’t use often. I store photo boxes under my desk that contain things like CD’s, cords, and such.

Create a Filing System

You will want to have a filing system in place in order to avoid loose papers cluttering an already small space. You should make it unique to your personal organizational style. If you’re a visual person, use color coded labels to keep track of things. Put your most-used paperwork in a hanging desk file so that it’s easily within reach. There are countless options. The important thing is that you have some kind of a filing system to avoid clutter.

Though it may seem overwhelming to create a workspace in tight quarters, using your creativity and thinking outside the box will help to make it work. Good luck and happy organizing!


Meredith says:

Small home offices can be tricky, but it’s a chance to bring your creativity out.

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