What To Do When The Kids Are Home For Spring Break

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This week, many schools have spring break.  If your kids are like mine, they are looking forward to the break from school.  If you are like me, you are already making mental notes of activities to keep them busy!

Check Out The Library

This is a great way to spend some time during spring break.  Your children can browse the books, CD’s and DVD’s at your local library.  Perhaps the staff has even created some programs to keep the children busy during spring break.  Our library is holding origami classes!

Go Shopping

 Give your children an assigned amount of money and see what they can find to purchase for that amount of money.  How many items can they purchase for that amount of money?  Have a contest to see who can purchase the most items with their money.

Remember to have them calculate sales tax when purchasing their items! 

Visit A Specialty Store

In our area, there are many different ethnic food stores.  My children love shopping at the Asian grocery store because there are so many different and interesting kinds of things to see!  What kinds of stores are available in your area?  Perhaps you could take a trip to the store and then cook a special meal using the ingredients you purchase!

Plan (or Plant) Your Garden

Depending upon the area in which you live, you can either begin to plan or plant your garden.  If you are in an area which is still cold, you can begin to start plants from seed indoors.  You can also look through catalogs and decide what kinds of vegetable plants or ornamental plants you’d like to plant this year.  You may also want to visit a local garden shop, or the local hardware store to see what kinds of plants are available locally.

Have your children calculate to see if it is cheaper to order plants through a catalog or to purchase them locally.  What are the pros and cons to each purchase method?

If it’s warm enough, you can start to prepare your soil and even(depending upon where you live) plant some plants in your garden or yard.  This is a wonderful experience for kids, and it will certainly keep them busy!

Visit A Coffee Shop

We don’t do this very often, so it’s a great treat for my children.  They love to pick out a book from their bookshelves and go to the coffee shop to order a hot chocolate.  If we have any extra money in the budget, they can get a treat too!

Sitting at the shop, drinking hot chocolate and reading their books makes my tweens feel so grown up!  It’s also a great, somewhat inexpensive way to spend part of an afternoon. 

Do you have any ideas for keeping the kids busy on spring break? Please post.


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