Fun Tub Toys For Toddlers

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Baby bath faceI’ve found that tub toys are a great way to keep kids amused during tub time.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find great toys to use in the tub though!

Tub Crayons

My older children loved tub crayons.   Tub crayons are special crayons designed to be used in the tub. They was easily off of the tub after bath time is over because they are made from soap instead of wax like traditional crayons.  Tub crayons are a great way to keep your tub clean as well as amuse your child!

Tub crayons can also be expensive.  You can make your own crayons though.  To make your own tub crayons, grate 1 c Ivory soap in a bowl.  Add 1/4 c warm water to the grated soap.  Use food coloring to color the mixture.  Stir.  Press the mix into plastic cookie cutters that are resting on wax paper.  Put into the freezer until hardened(about 10-30 minutes depending) and then let air dry.  When dry, pop the crayon out of the cutter and have fun!

After using in the tub, allow the crayons to air dry on a dry washcloth before storing them with the rest of the tub toys.

Plastic Containers

Instead of buying expensive cups to be used during bath time, I saved yogurt cups and plastic containers.  My toddler loves to stack the cups, fill them with water, and dump the water out of the cups.

Make a Rainbow

When my children were younger and learning their colors, I used to dye the bath water with food coloring.  Not only did it help them to remember their colors, but it taught them about primary and secondary colors too.  For example, mixing  blue and yellow(primary colors) together make green(a secondary color). Mixing blue and red make purple; mixing red and yellow make orange.

If you want to try this experiment, it’s important to fill the tub with several inches of water, or the dye may stain the tub temporarily.  Also be sure to mix the color and the water very well before allowing your child into the water or your child may get stained! 

Once you’ve gathered a collection of  bath toys, you may wonder how to store them.  An inexpensive way to store toys is in a mesh bag which can be hung from the shower nozzle after the toys are stored.  Not only will the mesh bag keep your tub tidy, but it will allow the toys to drain after tub time.  For safety reasons, be sure to keep the mesh bag out of the reach of your child!


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