An Introduction To JN3 And Web Comics

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One should start with an introduction of a sorts before giving tidbits of the back side of comics and web-comics. So, here is a little introduction to myself and why my opinion and thoughts might be of use.

My name is J. To answer your next question, yes it is just the letter and no it doesn’t stand for anything. To make matters worse my middle name is N and I’m the third. Confused yet? Good, let us move on.


jhorsley3 - the y2cl guy

The above image is the guy writing this intro, and future posts about comics.

I have been in the comic community from all sides as a collector, retailer and a creator for the past 10 years or so and in that time have met some really great people, experienced a lot of strange events and even published a few books along the way. I started collecting comics when I was about 7 years old. My father had collected comics since he was a kid so it sort of just passed down. My first comic love was Superman but that quickly turned to Batman for the darker images, more dynamic artwork and so on. Honestly I couldn’t tell you about the stories back then as I only “read” them to look at the art work, and attempt to mimic it.


As I grew older I moved from art and comic love in to music. I think creating music is a lot like creating comics in so much that the creative process for both is one that can be done alone or with a group. After recording 4 studio albums, 2 live albums and countless ‘garage recordings‘ I gave up music in 2001 to move back to my first love; drawing and creating comics. At first I was convinced I could become a professional comic book inker in 6 months and move into pencils shortly afterwords. There could not be that many people who wanted to draw the funny books! Boy was I wrong!

On My Own

I spent about a year trying to ‘break in’ to the comic industry working on some small titles for independent publishers. Some got printed and made a few bucks, some got shelved before they could see the light of day. After this year I decided that serious comics where not for me, seeing as I was more of a joke cracker, and I would try my hand at this new thing called web-comics. And yes, in 2002 web-comics where still pretty new. In 2003 I created a web-comic called y2cl (NSFW) and still work on it daily to this day. As a creator I have been involved in several projects and have been involved with several creators around the world

“And You Will” Read My Web Comics – So Come Learn All About The Creative Side of The World of Comics

Let me get to the point of this introduction post, I plan to use this space to talk a little on the creation process of comics in both the artistic and written formats, to interview and review other creators in the industry and to generally help spread the word about the wonderful world of comics and all they offer to you, the reader.

So until next time, this is me jhorsley3, signing out.

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Deth Invictus says:

Ummm…..first? 🙂

Hello JN3 😛

Deth Invictus says:

On a side note, make sure you let me know when you put up some extra posts.

Oh, and buy a black suit, with a black hat with a wide brim….. 🙂

J N 3 says:

I will be sure to let you know, I’ll post the updates on twitter!

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