Plan Your Perfect Second Wedding

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Wedding planning is very different the second time around. And I mean different in a good way. Most likely, you’re at a point in your life where you and your fiance hold the purse strings; therefore, you can do it your way. I can tell you from personal experience that this can be incredibly liberating. The first time around was fun and exciting, but the second time offers so much more.

Size and Budget

Fifty invitations were sent out for my second wedding. My husband and I felt no obligation to invite distant relatives or co-workers. We even considered not having a public ceremony at all, but we wanted to celebrate the occasion with intimate family and friends. On the other hand, if you want to go all out, and have the financial means to do so, go for it! This is your special day. Not only do you hold the purse strings, it’s likely that you’re in a place in your life where you’re comfortable expressing yourself however you choose. Your wedding will reflect that.

Concept and Style

Perhaps the part of the wedding planning that will most reflect who you and your fiance are is the style of wedding you choose. Will you have a theme? Destination weddings are very popular these days. Maybe you’ll choose to have a beach wedding, and your dress will be flowy and casual. Perhaps you still dream of that formal wedding with the long train and elegant head piece. The decision is yours. What’s most important to know is that you don’t have to follow any social rules regarding second weddings. If you want to wear white, do it. White is not exclusively for first-time brides. Kick those old fashioned standards to the curb. My dress was ivory, strapless, and floor length – none of the things I pictured for my second gown, but it was love at first sight, kind of like my husband!

Wedding Party

Again, this aspect of the wedding is completely up to you. For me, I realized that the majority of the attendants in my first wedding were actually no longer a part of my life. That perspective taught me a valuable lesson. At this stage in my life, it was important to have only the most important people by my side, so I chose my best friend who’d been with me since I was seventeen years old. My husband chose his long-time best pal as well, and we limited it to that. But if you have a large group of people that play a major role in your life, you may want a bigger wedding party. There are no rules.

For everything second wedding planning, head on over to where you’ll find in-depth information on every part of the process. Do you have any advice to add? I’d love to hear stories of your second wedding or your planning experience.


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