Give a High School Student a Boost!

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I just read about an amazing new program called BoostUp that allows everyday folks like you and me to give support to current high school students who may need some encouragement. According to the website, every day 7,000 high school students are dropping out and 40% of freshmen leave school by their senior year. These statistics are staggering. BoostUp’s mission is to help to lower the drop out rate by giving kids encouragement to keep moving forward.

Give a Boost

The reasons behind such high drop out rates include things such as poverty, learning disabilities, drugs, teenage pregnancy, even boredom. As a mental health counselor and college adviser, I’ve worked with so many students facing these exact circumstances, and I know what an impact a simple word of encouragement can make.

A boost is encouragement from you. It can be a text, email, or a pat on the back. This is so cool – you can even send a wakeup call!  Send a boost. It can be in any form you choose. You can check out the profiles of students on’s website or you can give a boost to someone you know.

Student Tools

If you do know someone who’s having a tough time getting through school, BoostUp has a page of resources that can help them.  There are resources for getting involved, information about learning diabilities, homework helpers, and college prep tools, among other subjects. Students are sure to find the information they need here.

Information for Parents

BoostUp has a great resource page for parents,too. If you’re a parent who’s concerned about your high schooler, you’ll find the information you need to help them here. You’ll find a list of warning signs, ways to get involved, after school activities, and help with talking to your kids. Visit these resources; it’s a good place to start.

See for Yourself

You can see a video of Ativa, a high school student working nights to help her parents with bills. This young woman is inspiring! By watching this video you really get a personal view of the kind of amazing kids that are out there who could use a boost from someone like you.

Take Action

Visit to get involved today. If you’re a current college student, I know that getting a boost from you would mean the world to a struggling high school student. Anyone can send a boost, and you can get involved to any degree you wish. As I mentioned before, I know from personal experience the kinds of things these kids are going through and what it means to them to receive support and encouragement. Please consider giving a boost, anddon’t forget to let me know if you do!


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