Remembering Mom On Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is Sunday which means that now is the time to start planning for your holiday celebration!   Here are some ideas to make the day special for your mom, the mom of your children, or another important “mom” in your life.

Create a Homemade Card

Some women really love cards!  My grandmother saved each and every card we sent to her over the years and read them often.  If you have a mom in your life who is like this, consider making a homemade card for her this holiday.

You can find many ideas for cards in your local craft shop or online.  If your mom likes flowers, you could even use pressed flowers to create a beautiful arrangement on the front of the card. 

Simple Ideas Are The Best Ones

I don’t know of any mother or grandmother who doesn’t love hand prints.  Perhaps not when they leave marks on the walls and furniture, but otherwise, hand prints are something to be cherished.

After my mother died, I found a handprint she had save of mine from a kindergarten project.  The clay had gotten broken, and she’d glued the pieces back together.  It was so touching!

In addition to making prints in clay, you can also use fabric paint and put your children’s hand prints to decorate aprons, tote bags, and t-shirts.  Label each print with the name and age of the child.  A word of caution: the fabric paint needs 24-48 hours to totally dry.  If you are going to attempt to create a project with fabric paint, start tomorrow so that the paint will be dry and set by Sunday.

Say It With Flowers

Sure, cut flowers are beautiful, but they die quickly.  If your mom or grandmom loves flowers, you might consider getting her a gift certificate to a local nursery or buying her plants which are her favorite color.

One holiday, my step mother came to my house with cuttings from her plants and helped me plant the cuttings in my garden.  After that, when I saw the plants, I thought of her and her kindness.  When my plants got too big for the flower beds, I divided them up and passed the plants on to a widow on our street one Mother’s Day.  She was thrilled.

Make Mom Feel Special

Another way to make mom feel special on her day might be to cook her favorite meal, make her favorite dessert, or to take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant.  Be sure to make reservations before going out to eat! 

I wish you and the “mom” in your life a very happy Mother’s Day!


Great article! I love Mother’s Day because it’s a day to give appreciation to all the hard working mothers out there.

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