Class Can Be Fun

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May is a major burnout time of the year. The weather’s getting nicer, and the coursework is getting more intense, with major projects due and finals right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re not carrying a courseload full of difficult classes. Balancing your load is important when scheduling. But what about fun? I recommend adding at least one fun course every semester. By fun, I don’t necessarily mean it has to be a party or that there’s no work involved. Let me explain the benefits of lightening your load.

Time To Explore

“Fun” is a very relative term. What may be fun for one person can be another’s definition of pure torture. Taking a class that’s enjoyable for you can be a way to explore and to learn whether a certain career is for you or it can be a way of enhancing various aspects of your personal life. Maybe you’ve always loved little kids. Taking an early childhood education class can be a good way to decide if becoming a preschool teacher is a good fit for you. At the very least, you may learn some lessons you can apply to your own parenting someday. I still have one of the books I used in graduate school for my childhood development class because it covers some great discipline methods.

Mix It Up

Adding a fun class will help tremendously to avoid burnout. Chemistry may be totally stressing you out, but what relief it is to have your dance (insert name of your favorite) class. I’ve met so many students who are so focused on the end result that they sometimes overestimate their abilities. We’re all only human. It’s a rare person who would do well taking an entire semester full of science and math. It’s great to be goal-oriented, but keep the big picture in mind. Chances are, if you’re in a demanding major that requires a lot of tough classes, a high GPA is also a requirement. You’ll improve your chances of obtaining that great GPA by mixing things up a bit.  Your adviser can help you to do this.

Get Credit

Yes, you can get credit for the fun stuff, too. It’s likely that one of your desired classes will fit into a liberal arts requirement. Go ahead and take Yoga. It’s a great way to get fit, clear your mind, and manage stress. It will also fill a physical education block. That early childhood education course I talked about earlier would probably fit in as a social science requirement.

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