Pregnancy Discomforts and Solutions

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women.  It can also be an uncomfortable time, especially as the time of delivery gets closer.  Here are some common pregnancy discomforts and some solutions.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps usually happen towards the end of the pregnancy either in the second or third trimester.  They usually happen at night time too making it difficult to rest.  I’ve found relief from leg cramps by trying to drink more milk(calcium). I’ve also found that if I increase my potassium intake(eat a banana a day), it really helps.


This may or may not be an issue for you, but most women I talk with complain of this!  As your pregnancy progresses, this becomes more of an issue.  Make sure you are drinking enough liquids; water and juice are helpful.  Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet can also be helpful.

Stuffy Nose

This is one pregnancy discomfort that really bothers me.  When I am expecting, I always feel like I have a stuffy nose.  I’ve found relief, especially at night, by using Breathe Right strips.  I’ve also found that a humidifier helps too.  Also helpful: saline nose drops.  They really do work!

Swollen Feet

This is another common complaint amongst pregnant women.  Some women also seem to retain fluid easier than other women.  The best way to keep your feet from swelling is to make sure you drink enough water to keep your system hydrated.  When you are sitting, keep your feet up on a stool.  Exercise can also help to reduce the swelling.

Swelling can even persist after your child is born.  With my son, my feet had swelled so much after birth that I wasn’t even able to fit into my shoes on the trip home from the hospital! 


An old myth relays that if you have heartburn, your baby will have hair when he or she is born.  This may or may not be true, but heartburn is common during pregnancy.  Some simple remedies include sitting upright for at least an hour after eating(don’t eat and then go lie down or go to sleep).  Drinking milk after eating may help too.  Avoiding foods with high acid content like tomatoes and citrus fruits can be helpful too.  If your heartburn still persists, talk with your doctor.


Nausea plagues most pregnant women at some time or another.   For most women, the nausea subsides after the first trimester.  If you struggle with nausea, you may find relief by drinking ginger tea or eating ginger candy.  In fact, any product with ginger in it is helpful in reducing nausea.  Emetrol, which can be found at the drugstore, can also help.  If your nausea persists beyond the first trimester, or is extremely bothersome, talk with your doctor.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

As your baby grows and presses on your bladder, you may find that you need to make frequent bathroom trips.  If you are an older mom or if this is not your first pregnancy, you may discover that you’ll need to make frequent bathroom trips starting early in your pregnancy.

This can be bothersome especially at night.  If you want to reduce your night time bathroom trips, try limiting your intake of liquids after dinner.  Remember to drink enough liquids during the early part of the day though!

Even though it can be difficult at times to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy, it helps to remember that the condition is a temporary one.  Soon, you will have a child to hold and that reality will over shadow any of the discomforts you faced during your pregnancy.


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