80 Million Strong

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I recently came across an innovative organization called 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs and was very intrigued by the cause and the methods the group is taking to make change. The group addresses an issue that many of you will come to face very soon: the lack of jobs for young, educated Americans.

About 80 Million Strong

80 Million Strong is a colation of organizations working on behalf of young people to make change in our nation’s economy. According to the website, “87% of the Millenial generation holds a high school diploma and nearly 30% holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher”. The site then goes on to point out young adults’ need for jobs due to loan and credit card debt and the fact that new graduates are needing to compete with experienced workers for entry-level jobs, due to the economic recession.

The organization will be convening a summit in Washington, D.C. to highlight the problem, generate solutions, and propose legislation to improve the situation. They also hope to continue growing their grassroots coalition that will empower and give a voice to the Millenial generation.

The Stats

The 80 Million Strong website points out that the burden of carrying the economy will fall on the Millenials’ shoulders. And, according to the statistics listed, young people today average $27,000 in undergraduate student debt and over $2000 in credit card debt by the age of 24, and unemployment for those ages 16 to 24 is about 9 points higher than the national average. It is apparent that changes need to be made.

Get Involved

You can add your voice to the 80 Million Strong movement by clicking the link and filling out the form provided. If you’re a student or have recently graduated college, you may find yourself dealing with the difficulty of finding a job in today’s harsh economic times. If you’re passionate about seeing a change, you may want to apply for the summit July 14 – 15 in D.C.  Those who are chosen will receive a paid travel scholarship. Applications are due June 8th. You can also enter a writing contest by telling your story for a chance to win a cash prize and the opportunity to speak at the summit.

Check out the 80 Million Strong website to learn more. Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to see some readers get involved and attend the summit!


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