Gluten-Free Baking Mix

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Not long ago, I shared my favorite wheat and dairy free muffin recipe. These muffins are so yummy and decadent, you’d never know they were missing the wheat and milk. There are lots of things people who are watching their weight or who have allergies like me can eat that don’t include wheat and milk. You just have to be a little creative and put forth a bit of extra effort to avoid such common ingredients.

Here’s a baking mix recipe that is gluten free. It was given to me a long time ago by the owner of a bulk foods store. I’ve used it in so many recipes, most of which I’ve gotten from The Gluten, Wheat, & Dairy Free Cookbook. This baking mix, in combination with recipes from a cookbook with wheat and dairy free recipes, is a great place to start if you’re trying to cut white flour and dairy from your diet.


6 Cups White Rice Flour

2 Cups Potato Starch Flour

1 Cup Tapioca Flour

Simply mix these ingredients together and use as a substition for flour.

Eliminating wheat and milk from your foods is not impossible, and it gets easier with time. You can find these ingredients at bulk food stores, health food stores, or at larger grocery stores. This mixture goes a long way. Store in a large bowl with a lid or in a covered canister.

You’ll want to experiment with the use of this baking mix. I like it in place of flour in most recipes. I use it in pancakes and in coating meats. Some recipes taste no different than those with flour, while others are an acquired taste. It all depends on your taste.

You’ll also want to determine how important eating wheat and dairy free is to you. I’ve gone back and forth. I know that I’m far healthier when I eliminate the offending ingredients from my diet, so it’s worth a little extra preparation and careful shopping to me. Decide if it’s worth it to you, and keep an open mind. I recommend trying the banana muffin recipe first to get an idea of just how tasty these recipes can be. After you taste these muffins, you’ll be more willing to give other recipes a try. Let me know how it goes! Please feel free to share any of your favorite recipes.


colondetox says:

i have been in a gluten free diet ever since last year because i have food allergy.

Kara Leonard says:

Hi! Curious to try this…I’m guessing it’s potato starch, and not potato flour? Or…?

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