Visiting Mount Trashmore Park

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mt-trashmoreIf you are traveling this summer in the southern United States, you may want to check out Mount Trashmore Park.  Yes, that is it’s real name!

Mount Trashmore Park is off of interstate 264 near Virginia Beach, Virginia and you can see it as you travel east towards teh beach.  Mount Trashmore stands out because it is the only mountain in the local area.  The topography of the land is otherwise flat.

Actually, Mount Trashmore isn’t a mountain at all.  In fact, it’s a cleverly disguised former landfill site.  Yes, Mount Trashmore Park used to be a landfill.  In fact, the mountain isn’t really a mountain, but is rather a cleverly disguised “collection” of compacted trash over which a park has been built.  The mountain is 60 feet high and is over 800 feet long.

If you visit the park, there are plenty of fun things to do for all age groups.  At the top of the mountain, there is always a nice breeze.  Because of this, many families bring their kites to the park to fly them on the top of the hill. There are numerous walking trails around the different parts of the park, and there are 2 man-made lakes at the park where people can fish. In addition,  leashed dogs are welcome at the park.  Bring your dog along to get some exercise!

kids-coveThere are also snack machines, picnic shelters, a basketball court, and a tennis court.  My children love to ride the merry go round near the one entrance to the park.  They also love to visit Kid’s Cove.  Kid’s Cove is a fun wooden playground where kids can play.  The playground, which was built by volunteers, is handicapped accessible.  The Cove also has a walking trail around it.  I like this because it’s possible for me to get some exercise while I watch my children play.

Another popular attraction at the park is the skate park.  I’ve never checked out that part of the park, but it’s popular with many of the local teens.  If you want to skate here, be sure to bring your knee pads and your helmet as the folks who run the skate park are very safety concious.

During the summer, it’s common to find a carnival set up at the park.  The city of Virginia Beach also sponsors different activities like concerts and fireworks at the park which are popular with residents and tourists alike.  Because of this, Mount Trashmore is one of the most popular parks in the area.  According to estimates, over 1 million people visit the park each year.


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