Creative Floor Treatments For Kid’s Rooms

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I’ve never felt that carpeting a floor in a child’s room was a great idea.  Firstly, kids can be messy and some stains are just impossible to get out. Secondly, if your child has severe allergies or asthma, carpeting can cause some health problems.

This weekend, we are working on re-modeling the “home office” into another bedroom for our young son.  Since he has asthma, we’ve got to be careful about things like flooring and paint.  Since we have a limited budget for this re-model project, it’s been a little bit stressful at times.

We couldn’t afford to put down hardwood flooring or some of the other hypo-allergenic options we found.  However, we did find another inexpensive option which worked out just as well.

We found industrial tile(the kind that you find at doctor’s offices) at our local hardware store for 50 cents a square.  Each square was 12 inches by 12 inches!  The tile is easy to clean, hypo-allergenic, and able to withstand a lot of “abuse”.  Sounds like the perfect flooring option for our large family.

We also found that the tiles could be special ordered(for no extra charge) in a variety of colors.  There were several shades of blue and red to choose from just to name a few color options. 

Before special ordering the tiles, we went online to see what flooring patterns we could find. There were numerous options to choose from.  Finally, we found a grid pattern that used white tiles with accenting blue and red tiles randomly strewn about the grid.

We carefully calculated how many tiles we’d need to order.  Since you can’t return special ordered tiles, it was important to make sure we got it right. Although it would be possible to order more tiles if we ran short, there might be a slight color variation between tiles in different lots.  Because of this, we ordered several extra tiles in each color just in case we made mistakes installing the tiling.  Ordering extra tiles also makes sense for the future: if a tile gets cracked or broken, you don’t have to worry about finding a similar tile to fix the floor. 

If your child doesn’t have severe allergies or asthma, you can purchase an inexpensive area rug to lay over the tiling.  I like inexpensive area rugs because if the rug gets very soiled or torn, I don’t feel guilty about tossing it out in the garbage and getting a new one.  This past year, I had to toss a rug because the puppy chewed the end while we were out.  I tossed another rug after my daughter tripped and spilled nail polish all over it.  I simply couldn’t get that stain  out, no matter how hard I tried.

If you are re-decorating your child’s room, spend some time checking out flooring options at different stores.  Be creative and consider all of your options instead of the traditional flooring options.  You’ll be surprised at the number of options available to you!


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