Why Attend College Orientation

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Most colleges and universities offer student orientation to incoming freshmen. It may or may not be required that you attend your school’s orientation, but I recommend that you make every effort to be there as a way of preparinyour first year of college.

Stay in the Dorm

Some college orientation sessions offer the opportunity to stay overnight in the residence hall. It may not be the building you’re assigned to in the fall, but if you’ll be living on campus, this is a great way to get an idea of what dorm living might be like. You’ll be able to stay in a dorm room overnight and see what the building has to offer.

Tour Campus

Orientation is the perfect chance to spend some time on campus and get to know your way around. College campuses can be a bit overwhelming. A campus tour will likely be offered at orientation so that you can become familiar with some of the most visited locations on campus. There will probably be free time during orientation that you can do some exploring on your own.

Schedule Classes

Many times, you can even schedule your first semester of classes at orientation. You may be required to take a placement test in math and English in order to determine the best classes to register for. The placement tests are really just an assessment of your current skills, so don’t get too stressed out about them. If you feel your score doesn’t reflect your abilities, you can probably retake the exam. It’s usually best to enroll in the recommended course so that you can develop a solid foundation for higher level coursework.

Gain Independence

You’ll probably attend orientation with your parents, and that’s okay. You may want to have a familiar face nearby for encouragement. Orientation offers a chance for you to begin to spread your wings and make some independent decisions. Many times parents will want to help their kids schedule classes. You may want to ask your parents to allow you to work independently with your adviser on scheduling. This is a good first step to becoming a full-fledged college student. Many orientation programs offer sessions just for parents that will discuss issues specifically for them. Attending these sessions will help your folks learn what to expect in your first year of college.

There are numerous benefits to attending college orientation. I highly recommend that you take advantage of what your school’s program has to offer.


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