Celebrating The Last Day of School With Your Kids

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The last day and the first day of school are special events in a child’s life.  Although your child’s teacher may have special activities planned, you may want to plan a special celebration for your child as well.

Homemade Treats

Our neighbor always greets the children with homemade cookies when they get off the bus on the last day of school.  I think that this is such a nice thing to do!  Not only is it fun for the kids, but it’s a great way to socialize with the neighbors too.

Ice Cream Is Always A Crowd Pleaser

On special occasions, we take the kids out for ice cream.  On super special occasions, we drive down to the beach and get ice cream at the ocean front ice cream shop.  This is reserved for super special occasions because it’s expensive, but I have to say that the experience is worth the money.

Plan An Outing….Or Stay Home

Some kids like to celebrate by going out.  This might mean a trip to the arcade, or just window shopping at the local mall.  Other kids like to stay at home.  If your child is a “home body”, you might want to rent some movies, play games, pop some popcorn, and stay up late to celebrate.

Visit A Park

Celebrating the last day of school might entail visiting your local playground, or you might want to check out the nature parks in your area.  If your park has a biking trail, bring along the bikes and let the kids explore the trails.  You could pack a picnic supper to eat at the park too.

Local parks or playgrounds in your area may have skate parks, hiking trails, or even a pool.  The best part is that most parks and playgrounds are free.  You may have to pay a small fee to swim or enter the skate park facilities though, depending upon your area.

Make A Special Meal

You might want to celebrate by having a cookout in your backyard.  Most kids love hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and this would be a perfect treat.  You could even invite some of your children’s friends to celebrate the start of summer with your family.

As for our family?  We’ll probably celebrate using a combination of the above ideas.  My children have already asked if we can have some ice cream on the beach.  After that, we plan on having a movie marathon.

Do you celebrate the end of school with your kids?


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