Overcoming Fear of Failure to Reach Success

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“Leap and the net will appear” – Zen saying

We all know that we need to take risks in order to succeed and to reach our goals, but for many people, taking that leap can be just too overwhelming. The reason for this is often an intense fear of failure. If you find yourself in this category, there are some things you can do to get beyond the fear and move closer to your success.

Talk Yourself Up

My friend, Denise (The Motivation Mama), calls it affirmation. I call it positive self talk. Whatever you call it, it’s important to give yourself positive messages to counteract your negative thoughts about failure. When you catch yourself thinking that you can’t possibly succeed or that you’re too afraid to try because you could fail, make a concerted effort to stop those thoughts and redirect them. For example, if you’re thinking that your idea will never work, turn it around by telling yourself that you’ll consider the possibilities. Then act on your new mode of thought.

Take Some Steps

I am constantly taking baby steps. A very good friend just told me yesterday that sometimes you just gotta take big steps, and I know that she’s right. However, if you’ve made no steps at all toward your goal, taking any step is a good start. Take the above scenario. Your first action may be to bounce your idea around to some friends or trusted allies for their input. Putting it out there is a risk in itself. If you receive some encouragement from those you trust, you can then move on to taking additional actions that will bring your idea to frution.

Be the Boss

My new pal, Anna, advises writers to succeed through their worry. She says, “Work hard and fight through the worry- fight despite or perhaps because of it – and you will one day reach your dream.” Her words of wisdom apply to everyone, not only writers. Your success or failure depends on you. It’s very empowering to realize that you’re in charge. You play the primary role in determining your success, despite external circumstances.

Start with these steps to overcome your fear of failure. Then sit down and reassess your goal. You’ll most likely find yourself much closer to achieving it, giving you even more motivation and confidence to attain it.


Denise says:

Hey Mary!
Thanks or including me in your article. Overcoming fear is one of my favorite topics. One of the quotes I live by is “Courage is not the absence of fear but moving forward despite fear or doubt” ~Rollo May.

Have a courageous day!


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