5 Fun Summer Jobs For Teens

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Most teens are looking to make some extra money over the summer. In today’s economy, it can be difficult to find a job, let alone a summer job.  Here are some ideas which might help your teen earn some serious cash this summer.

Start A Doggie Daycare

When I was a teen, I used to pet sit for many of the neighbors when they went on vacation.   I’d take care of their pets and mind the house while they were gone.  Usually this meant walking their dogs, feeding the animals and keeping the cages clean. I also gave medication to some of the older animals and took them to the veterinarian if they needed care.

Even if your neighbor’s aren’t planning on vacationing, your teen may be able to earn extra money by taking care of animals while their owners are at work.   Our one neighbor pays to take her dog to a doggie daycare while she works and has mentioned that if she could find someone to take care of her animals in her home, she’d definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

An enterprising teen in our area has sent out flyers that he’s starting a “scooping” business.  He basically will clean up after your pet!  He charges by the hour and he claims that business is good. 

Sell Your Crafts

If your teen is artistically inclined, he or she could make different crafts and sell them at local shops, craft fairs, or online.  My daughter is a great artist and she’s designed some paintings to have copied onto notecards.  She hopes to sell her wares on Etsy.


Most teens babysit at some point in their lives.  Your teen can post an advertisement at the library or put an ad in the paper for more job prospects.  It’s important however to thoroughly check out anyone who responds thoroughly before allowing your teen to babysit for them.  Ask for references! 

To be safe, you may want to only allow your teen to babysit for people that you know.

Deliver Papers

Some newspapers have summer jobs for teens delivering the papers.  Your teen may be able to get a regular job or he may be able to get a job filling in for people on vacation.  Either way, it is possible to make some money!

Teaching a Class

Many communities offer recreational or enrichment classes over the summer months for citizens.  If your teen has a special skill, talent, or hobby, they may want to sign up to teach a class.  For example, your teen may teach programming skills, basic internet skills, or even a foreign language if they are bi-lingual.

Do you have any ideas for summer jobs for teens? Please post.


Kate says:

This is a great list with very useful ideas! As teens act as entrepeneurs over the summer, make sure to encourage them to document their accomplishments for future reference on job searches. While it may seem casual and everday to them, putting together one’s own pet care service or Etsy shop shows maturity, organization and accountability–things that will look very impressive to future potential employers. Here’s a great article from Monster.com about how students can start building their resume early:

If you’d like more articles on student job search processes, you should visit the Tips/Advice tab on Microsoft’s Office Live Student Facebook page:

MSFT Office Live Outreach team

Mary Davis says:

Thank you so much for the links, Kate. I will certainly check them out. I wasn’t aware of Microsoft’s Office Live Student Facebook Page. Sounds very useful!

Thanks for all of the helpful info Kate! Wishing you a great summer.

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