What You Get From College Besides a Degree

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You know that those with a college degree earn more, on average, than those without the piece of paper. But you’ll gain so much more from obtaining a college education than just the degree. I’ve learned this from personal experience and from countless conversations with students and from seeing the change in students from their first day in school to their graduation from community college two years later. The opportunity for growth is even greater for students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

You Gain Interpersonal Skills

College teaches you skills that employers are looking for such as social skills, negotiating skills, and communication skills. You’ll gain these skills from having a roommate, living in the residence hall, joining clubs, having a part-time job, working on group projects, and obtaining leadership experiences. So get involved in activities beyond the classroom.

You’re More Flexible

People change careers more often these days. Not only are folks switching from one company to another, they’re actually following completely different career paths. With a college degree, you’re more flexible and can transition the skills you learn into various careers. I’ve done this myself, actually. I firmly believe it’s the writing skills I learned in college that have allowed me to transition from the traditional workplace as a college adviser to the life of a work-at-home mom freelancer.

You Get To Know Yourself

Life experience, in general, gives us perspective and self-knowledge. The time you spend in college will expose you to many new experiences that will shape the person you become. It was my freshman year of college that I took American National Government and learned that my political beliefs were radically different than those of my parents, the views I had been exposed to my entire life. Getting out on your own in college can expose you to experiences that may yield similar results.

You’ll Make Lifelong Connections

Many people meet the person they will marry in college. I did. College is also a popular place for making lifelong friendships. It’s also a great place to begin networking. You’ll make connections with peers and faculty that can benefit your career and personal life down the road.

There are so many other advantages to earning your college degree. Visit GetDegrees.com to read about many more!

Do you have any items to add to the list? What have your experiences been?


Johnny says:

I just want to ditto you on the “You’ll Make Lifelong Connections”. 25 years ago while on this small college campus, I met this fantastic young lady and my life has never been the same. My wife has been an inspiration for me…



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