Frugal Wedding Tips

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You’ve dreamed about the perfect wedding forever, but what you didn’t realize as a little girl was the cost involved in putting together that dream wedding. Traditionally, the bride’s parents covered the wedding costs, but not everyone can count on help from the folks. Particularly in today’s economy, people are pinching pennies in every way they can. You can still have a fabulous wedding ceremony and reception without spending a fortune.

Start With the Guest List

The biggest expense in most weddings is the cost of the reception, so it makes sense to consider inviting fewer people. Sit down with your fiance and a list of your first draft picks. Then go through and decide which people are really closest and most important to you. It’s easy to be influenced by others in this deicion-making process. Family can be kind of pushy about who’s invited to the nuptuals of their child, but if your budget it truly limited (and they’re not paying the bill), you’ll need to stand firm. Something to consider is inviting everyone to the wedding and having a small, intimate reception.

Get Creative

Not everything has to be purchased at extravagant prices to be beautiful. You can create elegant centerpieces for the reception tables on your own or create the invitations and place cards on your computer.Ask skilled family or friends for help in creating other elegant accessories like the bouquet or headpiece.

And what about that most-coveted wedding dress? You want to look beautiful, but consider whether it’s worth spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a gown you’ll wear just once. I bought my dress from David’s Bridal’s $99 sale and couldn’t have been happier. It was from a designer I had drooled over in magazines, and it fit like a glove. You can also conssider buying used. I sold that gorgeous dress on eBay and saw many others listed at greatly reduced prices. Who says it has to be a wedding gown at all? The racks at your favorite department store are stocked with lots of beautiful dresses that just might be perfect for you.

Now that you’re thinking about ways to be frugal, sit down and brainstorm some ideas of your own. And remember that this is your day. It’s about being with the man you love and sharing it with the important people in your life. It can be amazing, no matter what the cost.

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