Gifts For Grads

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Dear “And You Will Have Kids”:

Our family has been invited to a graduation party.  “D” is my best friend’s son and is only a few years older than my children. 

“D” will be going off to college in the fall, but he’ll still be living at home to reduce his expenses.  I’m not sure what to get him for a graduation present.

Any ideas?

I think that money is a gift that is always appreciated.  New graduates who are planning to attend college can use money towards books, tuition or other expenses.  Even if the graduate isn’t planning to attend college, he or she can use the money to buy a nice outfit for interviewing, or some other expense like that.

I know of one individual who buys either a bond or some stocks as gifts for new graduates.  I am not sure if he still does this given the current state of the stock market!  Depending upon your outlook, you may think this is a great time to buy such things, or you may not.  Also consider the fact that some graduates simply may not appreciate a gift like this.  Others may be thrilled with such a gift though.

If your graduate is going to be commuting to school, you may wish to purchase gift certificates to an auto supply store or contribute money to gas expenses.

Speaking of gift certificates, your graduate may appreciate gift certificates to a grocery store or fast food place near campus.  Such gifts can help reduce expenses significantly and will be greatly appreciated.  Perhaps the  campus book store has gift certificates which you purchase for your graduate to help him purchase his books and other supplies.

If you truly are at a loss as to what kind of gift to purchase for your graduate, you may want to ask his parents or ask him!  I’m sure that his parents will have a list of suggestions which you may not have even considered. 

You may also want to ask your children for input.  If they are around the same age, they will probably know “D’s” likes and dislikes.  They may even have an idea for a special gift which they know he may like or for something that he needs.  For example, “D” may need repair work done to his car, or he may want to purchase some tunes for his i-pod.  Of course, your teens are welcome to suggest gift ideas, but that doesn’t mean that you need to agree to them!

Good luck finding that perfect gift!


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