Adjusting to Summer Break at Home

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School’s out for summer. Remember how great it used to feel to say that? Now that you’re in college and out on your own, you may be kind of bummed for school to be out because it means leaving your friends and heading back to the watchful eye of your parents. There are things you can do to make the transition easier.

Have a Conversation With Your Parents

Communication with your parents is key. They’re not used to your newfound independence. Explain to them that you’ve been making independent decisions for the past several months and that you’d really appreciate if they would help you to continue to do so. Remember to be respectful and to assure your folks that you intend to follow the major rules of the house. It’s likely they’ll come to see your point of view and try to back off a bit.

Speaking of talking to your parents, why not share with them some of the new things you’ve learned it school? No, I”m not talking about the way you did when you were a kid, but really talk to them about your views on topics that are important to you. Recommend books you’ve read. Talk about your appreciation of fine art. They’ll have the chance to relate to you on a different level and will begin to see you for the adult you are.

Appreciate What You’ve Got

Yes, living back at home can take some getting used to, but try to remember some of the really cool things about  living with mom and dad. Even the little things can be a big deal. I was so happy just to take a nice, long bath when I was home on break. No more carrying my stuff to the bathroom in a little basket, waiting in line for the shower. I was ecstatic just to have the bathroom to myself! And laundry, you can do it whenver you want without saving your quarters. Check out more great reasons why living at home rocks over at College Candy.

You’ll get through summer with the folks just fine if you follow these tips. Who knows? You might even have a great time!


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