Visiting The Beach With The Kids

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100_1883During the summer, many families make a trip to the beach.  A day at the beach can be a stressful event, especially if you have young children.  Here are some tips to help make your day more relaxing!

Get Help!

If you are going to the beach with very young children, it’s best to have some adult help.  When my kids were very young, we’d take trips with my sister or my parents.  This way, we had an adult for every child on the trip.  It made things a lot easier, and certainly safer.  During the day, we were able to take turns swimming, relaxing, and watching the children. 

Plan Your Day

If you have very young children, make sure to visit the beach on a day which isn’t too hot, especially if you plan to stay a while. 

Make sure to visit a beach which has bathroom facilities too! If you have to walk for quite a while to find a bathroom for your young child, chances are that it will be “too late”.  While some beaches have no facilities, other beaches have accessible public restrooms.

Some beaches will allow you to eat on the beach; others won’t allow this.  If you have young children, be sure to visit a beach where you can bring drinks and snacks for them.  Otherwise, plan a short visit!

Be Safe

Be sure that the beach you choose to visit has a lifeguard on duty. Of course, your children will still have to be closely supervised, but this is an added measure of security.

Check to see if riptides are in the area or if it’s “jellyfish season”.  Better safe than sorry!

Of course, it’s important to bring along plenty of sunscreen and use it often throughout the day.  If your children have sensitive skin, buy a brand that is hypo-allergenic to limit the chances of your child having an allergic reaction.

If you have infants, you may not be able to safely use sunscreen. Instead, you can keep them covered.  A swim shirt will help keep the sun off your child’s back.  A hat will help to shield their eyes and keep their heads from getting sun burnt.  When we go to the beach, we use a beach tent to keep the sun away from the young children.  An added bonus is that a beach tent is a great place to feed your child or to put her down for a nap.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy beach trip!


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