What To Do When Your Child Is Afraid Of Thunderstorms

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As children, my sisters and I enjoyed thunderstorms! We’d sit out on the porch with our parents and sing songs and play games while waiting for the storm to pass.  I’m not sure if it was the safest place to be, but it did certainly help to alleviate storm fears.

Now that we live close to the beach(surrounded by water), I find that the storms are a lot more intense than I remember as a child.  I noticed that my children definitely had some fears associated with the storms and I decided to try to help them with their storm fears.  Here are some things I’ve found that have worked.

Emphasize Safety

  I emphasize safety measure with the children: storms aren’t so frightening if you take the proper precautions I tell them.  For example, at the first sign of a thunderstorm, take shelter.    Be smart, not frightened.

Tell Stories

When I was little, my mother told us jokingly that the sound of thunder was created when angel’s bowled in heaven.  We believed her for quite a few years until we found out differently in science class.

I still tell the “bowling” story to my children, but I make sure that they know it’s a joke.  I’ve gotten books from the library to explain thunder and lightning.

My mother also taught us a song about two little storm clouds that bumped into each other creating the “boom” sound.  When the thunder rolled, we’d sing the storm cloud song.  My children are personally not impressed with the storm cloud song, and so we don’t sing it anymore.  Perhaps my son will enjoy the song when he gets old enough.

You can also count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder.  This way, you can tell how far away the storm is from where you are.  For example, you start counting when you see the lightning and count until you hear the thunder clap.  The number of seconds equals how far the storm is away from you.  If you count up to 10 seconds, that means that the storm is 10 miles away from you.

Stay Calm

I think the most important factor in alleviating your child’s fears is to be calm yourself.  If your child knows that storms frighten you, then he will be more frightened of them.  If you are able to maintain a calm demeanor during the storm,  it will help your child immensely.


lily says:

i am afraid of thunderstorms. I’m a kid.

emily says:

lily i think evry kid has a fear of thunderstorms not being mean but in a undertanding way! :~)

Tori says:

I am 11 years old and I’m Afraid of storms, my mom thinks it’s just nerves, or my period, It’s a phobia to me, Every time I wake up or even every hour I go to a weather website and check on the weather, I’m even more scared beacause my mom is having surgery this coming Tuesday. Help me.

emily says:

well tori maybe your mom is right with the nerves not sure about the period situation haha but havin ur mom gotten surgery i wouldve been extra scared too but thts my opinion:)

gina says:

i am afraid of thunderstorms to

emily says:

i think everyone who commented is afraid soo dont feel bad gina im terrified too :~)

Dejah says:

im 12 years old too and always was scared of thunderstorms i always check my weather channel desktop for any storms heck right now im looking out my window and theres black cloud soo im scared alittle wait till the storm comes but right now im calm so my best way toget over your fear is to sit out side for alittle bit. last year me and my grandma was driving and there was a tornadoe forming we got terrified soo luckly we got to shelter and luckly my aunt lived closely too haha and even this year i was at my nannys with my mom and dad and they were preparing and stuff cause there was a torndaoe tht struck down in columbia and they got all there animals in the hall way and my aunt she said do u like spending time with animals like cats and im like ya she pu me in the room with her 2 cats and i was all better we survived no tornado came are way but all ya got to do is if you have a pet stay with him or her to protect that will make you feel a hole lot better

emily says:

you are soo right dejah tornados and thunderstorm can be scary but all you got to do is be very calm panicing can lead to worst situations:)

Lindsey says:

I am very scared of thunder storms if there is a remotely gray cloud I want to stay inside and go down to my basement. I am going to an overnight camp and if it storms what do I do.

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