Turn Your Flaws Into Assets for Success

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We all have little personality quirks that can be, well, a bit annoying. Sometimes these characteristics can cause us problems with work or in relationships. The good news is that you can often take these traits and turn them into assets with a little purposeful introspection.

Where’s the Strength?

Sit down and take stock of your personality flaw. Write down ways in which it’s caused you problems in the past. Now consider how the trait could be a good thing. For example, do you tend to be stubborn? Than can cause you difficulties when you refuse to give up in an argument with your spouse or can’t compromise, but what an asset it is to be persistent when reaching for your goals. Concentrate your efforts into positive actions, using your unique characteristic to your advantage.

Make Some Alternations

So you’re changing your mindset about your little quirk. That’s good, but that doesn’t mean you should totally embrace it and forget about the issues it can sometimes cause. Continue your brainstorming session by looking at times your particular trait has gotten in your way or been a challenge. Think about your own culpability in these situations and work to discover ways that you could have made changes or compromises that would have led to improved outcomes. Taking accountability for your actions can be eye-opening and empowering. And it gets easier with practice.

Make a Plan

Now decide how you’re going to put your discoveries into action. When I sat down to do this exercise, I looked at my sensitive nature and how it can get me into trouble. My feelings get hurt easily or I can sometimes misconstrue comments made by others as criticism. But when I actually took stock of things, I realized that my sensitivity is what has helped me in my career. As a college adviser, I received the Outstanding Academic Adviser award from the students for two years in a row. I believe that’s because my sensitive and intuitive nature makes me a good counselor. I’ve recently taken steps to bring these skills into my current online career, and I’ve already seen the rewards. What can you do to turn your flaws into assets, and how can you modify your behaviors in situations where they cause you distress?

Please tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear how you’ve taken a personality flaw and used it to move you toward success.


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