Planning A Pool Party

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100_1131During the summer months, we usually have or attend a pool party. Planning a pool party is a great way to entertain during the summer because it is relatively easy.

Check Out The Legalities

Several years ago, we attended a pool party for a Girl Scout event.  The owner of the house had each of us sign forms agreeing to not hold her family responsible if something should happen during the swimming event.

At first, I was shocked.  Now, I think she had a great idea.  In this day and age, lawsuits are very common.  Consider who you are inviting to your party.  If you are inviting close friends and family, perhaps it is not necessary to consider lawsuits.  Otherwise, check your insurance policy and consider asking attendees to sign waivers.

Set Pool Rules

If you have a bunch of children attending the party, it may be helpful to set some ground rules before allowing the children into the pool.  Mention to everyone that pushing, running, or other dangerous behavior won’t be tolerated.  Explain that there will be consequences if any dangerous behavior is observed: the offending child will have to get out of the pool for a time out. 

It’s also helpful for the adults in attendance to take turns supervising the swimming.  Perhaps each adult will take a half an hour shift as a “lifeguard”.  “Lifeguards” would monitor behavior, mediate any disagreements, and make sure that all the kids who swim are safe.

Plan The Fun Stuff

You can invite people verbally or send out invitations to the party.  It’s usually helpful to send out invitations at least two weeks prior to the event. Be sure to ask people to respond if they plan to attend. 

If you wish, you can plan a theme for your party.  Perhaps you want a simple event, or perhaps you want to plan a Hawaiian Luau theme for the party.  If you choose a theme, you can shop at a party store for decorations  and paper goods to go along with your theme. 

Food is an important part of any party.  If you wish to keep your event very simple, plan an afternoon party and serve snacks and finger food.  If you decide to have your party during the dinner or lunch hour, you can plan your menu to reflect your party theme.  You should be able to find recipes online.  As with any event during the summer, be sure that there are plenty of drinks available for guests.  It’s easy to get dehydrated when you are out in the sun!


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