The Flat Stanley Project

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flat-stanley“Flat Stanley” is a character in a book series.  After getting bumped on the head, Stanley becomes perfectly flat.  He finds out that being flat has it’s advantages: he can slip under doors and he can fold himself up to go on great vacations via the mail system!

The Flat Stanley Project is a spin off on the books.  Families, school classes and homeschool groups make a “Flat Stanley” and mail him(or her) off to a class or family in another town, state or country. 

Our family has participated in several Flat Stanley exchanges.  Last year, my cousin’s daughter sent us a Flat Stanley for a school project.  We took Stanley to Jamestown and Williamsburg.  We hiked the Dismal Swamp with Stanley and took him to the beach too.  Stanley even went to a motorcycle event in North Carolina!  We took pictures of Stanley at the different places and bought little trinkets for Stanley to take back with him to Pennsylvania, where my cousin lives.

Our kids had so much fun with the project that we joined a “Flat Stanley Project” group online.  We sent our Flat Stanley to a family in Yorkshire, England several months ago.  The family agreed to return Stanley after a month of traveling the countryside with them, and sure enough, Stanley returned with lots of pictures, trinkets, and a travel diary detailing his adventures in England.

Participating in this project is an inexpensive way to vacation with your family!  Your children can explore new sites and learn about different parts of the world without even leaving home.  Our family never could have afforded a trip to England, but we were able to experience such a trip by sending Stanley in our place.

Taking Stanley around our area has also been a treat for my children.  Instead of complaining about doing the same activities or seeing the same sites over again, they are thrilled to show Stanley what our area of Virginia has to offer. They really enjoy looking for postcards and small items to send back with Stanley after his visit with us is over.

If your family would like to participate in the Flat Stanley Project, you can find many groups online to join.  Each group is a little bit different: be sure to read up on the rules of each group before you join. Some groups are very laid back with only a few rules and allow anyone to participate; other groups are more formal and have quite a few rules. 

No matter which group you decide to join, your children are sure to enjoy traveling the “Flat Stanley” way!


tacogirl says:

Flat Stanley came to visit us from Houston and we (tacoboy and I) decided to take him in a weekend trip from Ambergris Caye Belize to Mexico for a bloggers meet up. We all had a good time and everyone enjoyed posing for pics with Flat Stanley.

That is so awesome! Say Hi to Stanley for me.

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