July 4th Cake

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This cake is a summer variation on a Christmas cake recipe that is a favorite in our house.  By using different colored Jello, you can make this red, white, and blue cake which is a great dessert for the holiday.  Be sure to keep the cake refrigerated until you want to serve it as the frosting is Cool Whip. 

Plan ahead: this cake needs to be made the day prior to when you need it.

To make the cake:

Use white cake mix and follow the directions to make 2  8 or 9 inch round cake sections.

Leave the cake in the pans and prick each section at 1/2 inch intervals.

To make “filling” for cake you’ll need:

One 3 ounce package of blue raspberry Jello mix

One 3 ounce package of cherry Jello mix.

Dissolve each package of gelatin in 1 cup of boiling water.  Stir until all of the gelatin is completely dissolved.  Pour the raspberry mix over one cake section. Pour cherry gelatin over the other cake section.  Remember that the cake sections should still remain in their pans.

Chill the cake sections in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.   After completely chilling the cake sections, dip the bottom of the cake pan into warm water for around 10 seconds.  This is to loosen the gelatin so that the cake can be removed from the pan.  Carefully remove the cake from the pan and stack the sections on top of one another. Ice the sections with Cool Whip to hold them together.  Chill cake sections for around 1/2 hour.  Cover the entire cake with Cool Whip.

To decorate the cake, top with red and blue decorative sugar.  When you cut into the cake, you’ll see the red and blue gelatin sections.  Your cake is red, white and blue!

Since my daughter’s birthday is July 4th, we often make this cake for her birthday celebration.  Sometimes, I complement the cake with a fruit salad made from blueberries, strawberries, and bananas.  Other times, I buy ice cream and we eat that with the cake.

The only problem I’ve found with this cake? It’s doesn’t keep well in the heat, even if stored in a cooler.  You really need to store it in a refrigerator until serving it.  For that reason, we eat before we go to the fireworks display at the local beach.


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