Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service to Set Live Streaming Record

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mj-statueHardcore Michael Jackson fans have been frantically trying to ensure they will be able to be at, or close to Michael’s funeral service. Many fans flooded to Neverland after it was rumored that the funeral would be there, but just recently the Jackson family announced that the funeral would take place in Los Angeles on July 7th.

It is expected that close to 1 million people will turn up in Los Angeles to pay their respect to the recently deceased King of Pop. However, most fans will be watching a live broadcast of the show.

Since the memorial service will take place during the day many people will be working, and when there’s a big event during the day online video often becomes flooded with office workers.

The last big online video event was Obama’s Inauguration which made online viewing records with over 70 million Americans tuning into internet streams. It is expected that Michael Jackson’s funeral will set new records.

There will be a variety of live streaming broadcasts covering MJ’s memorial service, with most coming from major news network websites. WebTVHub.com is building a library of live streams of Michael Jackson’s funeral to watch online.


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