Summer Freebies

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Happy Independence Day to all of our American readers!  Today, while we celebrate freedom, it’s a good time to mention all the FREE things that can be had this summer for the asking. 

FREE food at Chik Fil A

On July 10th, the fast food chain ChikFilA is giving away free chicken nuggets. The only catch? You have to dress up to get the free food.  Dress up in what you ask? Something that resembles a cow.  While my youngest will go in his cow Halloween costume, I usually have the older children wear white t-shirts which are covered with big black spots.  Yes, such garb does count as cow “dress up wear”.

A friend pointed out to me that I probably spent as much time and money making the t-shirts as a pack of nuggets costs.  I’m sure of that, but my kids LOVE this event, which happens every year.  Purchase your t-shirts big and get a few years of wear out of them to make it worth your while.

FREE Birthday Slushee at 7-11

On July 11th(7-11), all 7-11 convenience stores celebrate.  In our area, you can get a free birthday slushee on that day simply by saying “Happy Birthday” to the cashier. 

The “birthday slushee” size is the smallest size available, but the kids don’t seem to mind.  In some areas, they also give away free coffee too.  We usually go as a neighborhood and sing “Happy Birthday” as a group in the store.  The kids LOVE this, and so do the cashiers.

FREE books at Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble book stores is running a summer reading program for children under 12 years of age.  Your children must read a book according to the guidelines for children of their age.  After reading the book, they have to do a mini-book report and write down the name of the book, author, and their favorite part of the book.  When they’ve done this for 8 books, they qualify for a free book at the store.

Simply turn in your book report form at the customer service kiosk at the center of the store and you’ll be directed to the free book display.  The books vary from store to store, but there are many titles to choose from. This is a great way to encourage your children to read while expanding their personal library at the same time.

Other FREE offers

These will vary depending upon where you live.  Check the local paper, or your library for more offers.  For example, in our area, they have free boat rides, free puppet shows for kids, and free admission on certain days to local museums.


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Free Stuff
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