Keeping In Touch When Your Child Goes To Camp

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During summer, many children attend sleep-away camp.  If your child will be gone a while a camp, you may wish to send letters and packages to keep in touch.  Here are some ideas to let your child know that you are thinking of him or her without stiffling their independence.

Check the Camp Rules

Depending upon the camp, the rules may vary.  Some camps do not allow you to call your child. Other camps allow visits, but only after a certain amount of time.  Some camps do not allow you to send food to your child in care packages.

Send Letters

Letters are great, especially if you have a child who tends to be homesick.  It’s best to keep the letters upbeat and cheerful, even if you get back letters demanding that you come and rescue your child.

If you wish to get your letters returned, it’s best to enclose addressed, stamped evelopes and stationary in one of your care packages.  Be prepared for the fact that your child might not get around to sending you letters.  Some parents I know send their children a letter each week whether they receive one in return or not.  I thin that’s a great idea.

Contact other family members and ask if they will commit to sending letters and cards during your child’s camp stay.  Your children will most definitely appreciate it!

Send Goodies

Make sure that your child is allowed to receive food before you send snacks in the care packages.  If your child is allowed to receive food, you might consider sending bar cookies as they pack very well.  Send enough for your child and his or her bunk mates to enjoy in order to prevent squabbling. 

You can fill baggies with popcorn and use that for packing material instead of bubble wrap or newspaper.  Not only will the popcorn keep the cookies from crumbling, but the popcorn can also be eaten!

You can also send candy, fruit, and nuts in care packages.  All of these items will ship well.

Send Pictures

Most children will appreciate pictures of their pets and even their siblings who are not away at camp.  You can even send a small photo album where your child can store the photos.

Send Quiet Time Activities

Your child may never have time for “quiet time”, but then again, she may.  Just in case, it’s best to send some books, puzzles or other activities for “quiet time” or rainy days.

Before you know it, camp will be over and your child will be home with you, getting ready to go back to school!


al says:

Lovely tips, thank you! I just felt I had to share my experience with you seeing as my teens are on camp right now.
Last year we had a bit of a bad experience with the camp they went on and needless to say I have been quite worried about this year’s camp. I noticed you mentioned the emergency numbers thing – I actually got both my teens cell phones just before they went on camp. I am not one of those parents who believe in cell phones at an early age but I deemed it necessary under the circumstances. Anyway, I got them each a Motorola W376 from Tracfone for under $30. Very reasonably priced seeing as it comes with DMFL (double minutes for life) and the phones have built-in cameras. The bonus came a few days ago when I started receiving photos about various camp activities! It made my week! The kids are obviously enjoying their new phones a lot and I have the peace of mind that I can be reached instantly if something goes wrong. I can recommend these phones to any parents who are sending their kids on camps this summer. Thanks again for a lovely site.

cameron says:

I also bought my 13 yr. old a W376. Last year, when my husband and I sent him to summer camp, we’d only hear from him once a week. The line for making calls home was very long. This year, he calls us daily..eventhough we only talk for 5 min. or so..but it’s definitely much more comforting 🙂 The phone cost less than $30 and the minutes are super affordable. Definitely worth the peace of mind!!!

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