Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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Of course, everyone hopes for an easy pregnancy free from complications or concerns.  Sometimes, life hands you the unexpected.  How do you survive a pregnancy on bed rest? One day at a time.

Get Specifics

I’ve been on bed rest for several pregnancies for various reasons. Sometimes, the restrictions on activities are severe, and other times, the restrictions are not so severe.  For example, my one friend was allowed only out of bed to use the bathroom.  My other friend was on modified bedrest and was allowed to have brief periods of activity during the day. 

Be sure to clarify with your doctor what the term “bed rest” means in your particular case.  If your restrictions are severe and you have other children at home, it can be difficult.

Get Help

This is important, especially if you have younger children at home, or your husband travels frequently.  For one woman whose husband deployed with my husband, getting help meant actually moving back home with her parents because her restrictions were severe.  Of course she wasn’t particularly thrilled about the prospect, but with her husband in Iraq,  and a toddler at home under foot,  her options were limited.

Perhaps you can hire a babysitter or enlist the the help of a relative if your restrictions are moderate. 

Talk With Your Employer

After clarifying your restrictions with your doctor, it may be necessary to discuss things with your employer.  Be sure to get your restrictions and any accommodations you may need in writing from your doctor.  For example, I worked at a nursing home during my first pregnancy.  As the pregnancy progressed, I was unable to lift heavy objects.  Since I worked in the therapy department, my employer was able to accommodate my restrictions.  My friend who was a nurse’s aide had the same restrictions placed on her, but she had to take leave because of her restrictions.

Even if you have severe restrictions, you may still be able to work from home depending upon your overall health, your job, and your employer. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Try to not stress about the whole issue.  Do the best you can under the circumstances and take one day at a time. 

I’ve found that reading and surfing the web help to pass the time.  Some women find that calling friends and family on the phone helps them too.  Above all else, savor this down time if you can.  Very soon you’ll have a new baby, and life will be busy!


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