Things You Should Know About Maternity Clothes

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180px-expecting_motherAt one time, pregnant women were limited as to what they could wear.  Most clothes consisted of simple pants and frilly over-sized maternity shirts. Not anymore!  There are many styles of clothing that expecting mothers can buy during their pregnancy.

Before you buy, make sure to assess the types of clothes you really need. If you work outside the home, your needs will be different than if you have a home office, or if you are a stay at home mom.

If you work outside the home, is your office a casual office, or do you need professional looking clothing?  If you need to purchase professional looking clothing, you’ll need to purchase several maternity suits or other tailored clothing.

If you have a home office, you can get away with purchasing causal clothing, but you will probably need to purchase several suits or tailored clothing for business meetings or other formal functions.

If you are a stay at home mom, your clothing budget can be very minimal.  You will probably need to purchase one tailored outfit at some point in your pregnancy for a formal function, but you can purchase casual clothing and save yourself a great deal of money! 

 If possible, check to see if friends still have their maternity clothes.  Many women save their clothes from pregnancy to pregnancy. You may be able to borrow some outfits and make your budget stretch even further.  Another way to save money on a pregnancy wardrobe is to check thrift stores for clothes.  Usually, they have casual clothing for sale, but every so often you can find more formal outfits.

If you are skilled at sewing, you can use your current wardrobe and add expandable waistbands to accommodate your growing figure.  I have met several women who did this.  While it did take time, they felt that the savings were worth the time spent altering their clothing.

Do NOT purchase clothing for your entire pregnancy at once.  You may start out in medium maternity clothes, but as your baby grows, you may need to purchase large sized clothing, or you may be in medium sized clothing throughout your pregnancy.  By a few outfits at a time, and when you outgrow them, purchase more clothing. 

 Even if you can borrow clothing or re-use clothing from prior pregnancies, the seasons may be “off”.  For example, I saved my clothing from my prior pregnancy. I had my son in early March though, and so my clothing was mostly winter clothing.  With this pregnancy, most of my clothing is summer clothing as I am delivering in August.  Therefore, I needed to buy more clothing because the seasons didn’t “match”.

Although it’s tempting to purchase a lot of maternity clothing, try to restrain yourself!  Remember that pregnancy only lasts for a short amount of time.  Even though you’ll be wearing maternity clothes for a short while after you deliver, it still is wise to limit your spending!


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