Having An Eco-friendly Baby Shower

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A friend of mine recently attended an “eco-friendly” baby shower.  I thought the concept was an interesting one.  How do you put on an eco-friendly shower?

Re-Think The Paper Products

The hostess of the party discovered that she could purchase plates at a local thrift store for the same amount of money as purchasing paper plates.  She found different patterns that meshed well, although it did seem to be a lot of work to me to shop around for china patterns that meshed at thrift stores!  After the shower, she returned the plates to a thrift store as she didn’t need them. 

Instead of paper decorations, the hostess used fresh flowers from her garden.

Re-Think The Favors

At most showers,  people who attend are given favors.  Instead of handing out favors like mints or candy, you may want to consider other options.  One grandmother-to-be handed out tree seedlings.  Another hostess handed out cuttings from her favorite plant.  These are inexpensive and creative favors.  A bonus: as people watch the plant grow, the are reminded of the child whose shower they attended.

Re-Think The Gift Wrap

I attended a shower where the hostess asked participants to decorate the gifts with colored string instead of ribbons or bows.  The strings were cut and the hostess wove a bracelet for the mother-to-be to wear until her child was delivered.  I thought this was a nice tradition!  After the child was delivered, the mother would cut the bracelet and save it in her baby book.

Re-Think The Gifts

There are so many options for environmentally friendly gifts.  Most baby stores have a special section for eco-friendly products.  Items in this section include organic clothing, organic bed covering, special bottles, wipes and diapers with no chemicals.  If your local baby store doesn’t have a lot of options, you can find many options online.

You may also consider gifting the mother-to-be with a month of free diaper service.  If you can’t afford diaper service, you can buy a supply of cloth diapers and diaper pins.  Diaper pins are so hard to find and they dull quickly.  Be sure to buy extras! Diaper covers are also a great product to purchase. 

A mother of an acquaintance of mine paid for doula service for her daughter.  The mother was far away and would not be able to be with her daughter when she delivered.  The doula service would provide emotional support during the birth of the child, and they also provided help with housework after the birth of the child. I thought this was a wonderful gift!

The most important thing to keep in mind is the mother herself when planning a baby shower.  Some mothers perhaps would appreciate a more traditional shower.  No matter how you celebrate, the birth of a child is certainly an event worth celebrating.


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