Bagel Sandwiches

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This is another recipe passed down from my grandmother.  These sandwiches are great for a quick lunch and they are easy and quick to make.  My children enjoy helping me make them too!  Add a salad or some soup for a complete meal!

I use plain, egg, or onion bagels for this recipe. 

You’ll Need The Following Ingredients:

At least one bagel per person( I usually plan that each person will eat 2 bagels though)

One piece of cheese for each bagel(your choice of cheese variety)

One tomato, sliced


Sliced ham lunch meat

Separate each bagel into 2 pieces by cutting them in half horizontally.  If you buy pre-sliced bagels, you can skip this step as your bagels will already be sliced. 

Put the separated bagel slices on a cookie sheet.  You should be able to place 8 bagel slices on each cookie sheet. You can also use round pizza pans if you wish.

On each bagel slice, place 2 pieces of ham, and a tomato slice.  Top with the cheese.  Sprinkle the oregano on top of the cheese.

Place each cookie sheet into the oven and broil.  Remove the bagels from the oven after the cheese has melted.  This should take about 5-10 minutes depending upon the kind of cheese that you use. A word of caution: if you keep the sandwiches in the oven too long, the cheese will burn.  Be sure to watch your sandwiches to make sure that the cheese doesn’t burn!

After removing the sandwiches from the oven, make sure to let them cool slightly before serving.


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