5 Tips for Gardening With Kids

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Gardening is a great family activity.   Here are some tips to make sure that your children are safe while they garden.

Pick Your Plants Wisely

Children are naturally curious.  Usually this is a good thing, but it can be dangerous.  There are many plants that look beautiful, but can be fatal if ingested.  Be sure to check with your local farming bureau or a knowledgeable gardener before planting.

Of course, if you have older children, this may not even be a concern.  If you have young children, or children who tend to be impulsive, you might want to carefully think about the types of plants you have in your garden.

Leaves Of Three; Beware Of Me

Do you remember that rhyme from your childhood?  My father taught us that rhyme to help us identify poison ivy, which can cause a bad rash if touched.

There are other plants which can cause skin rashes if they are touched.  Be sure to teach your children about these plant so that they know to avoid them!

Supervise Planting And Weeding

 This is important because sometimes kids mistake a plant for a weed.  If you have young children, you may want to consider putting stakes where you have planted until it is obvious which is the plant and which is the weed.  A benefit of this is that your children will learn the names and types of plants!

Ask For Input

Even young children will enjoy looking through plant catalogs to get ideas for the garden.  A trip to the local garden store will be sure to please both young and old alike.  If you are on a limited budget, you should consider starting plants from seed, or ordering plants through the mail.

Prepare For The Future

If you decide to order plants through the mail, you should save your receipt and the packaging.  Some companies offer warranties, but they will honor the warranty only if you have proof of purchase.  Check to find out the return policy before you buy.

Some gardening centers also offer warranties on their plants.  Be sure to check their policies before purchasing plants and make sure you understand their policies. Of course, the hope is that you will never need to use the warranty, but plants do die. 

Make sure to follow the care directions before planting.  For example, do not plant shade loving plants in a sunny spot.  Some plants will grow very tall and will need room to grow; others will grow out and will need room to spread.  When planting around the foundation of your house, make sure that the plants you use won’t damage any existing structures. 

Although it may seem like a lot of work at first, you’ll find that all your hard work will be worth it.  Not only is gardening a great family activity, but it can also increase your home’s value. 

Happy gardening!


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