Top 5 Summer Tutoring Programs Online

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schoolAugust will soon be upon us.  By this time, you may be looking for some educational programs to help your student brush up on his or her studies.  I’ve found some great online programs that should help your child refine his or her skills and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Time 4 Learning

This is a fun online learning program which helps your child prepare for the upcoming school year. I like the fact that the program is very affordable–less than $20 per month.

The program is interactive and helps keep even the most reluctant reader engaged.  After the child has finished her lessons, she can spend sometime at the “playground” playing educational games online.

Summer Home Learning Program

This is a program geared towards younger children.  Although the activities are listed online, most of your time will be spent completing activities offline.  This is perfect for you if you believe in limiting your child’s computer time.

There are 8 weeks of activities which include writing and reading activities.  I’d encourage you to check out this site even though there are less than 8 weeks until school starts. You can mix and match the activities and choose the ones that you feel are most appropriate for your child and your family.

Family Education

This site claims to help parents stop “summer brain drain”!  Activities are included for up to 8th grade!  They actually have activities for science, math, english, social studies and even art.  There are also educational activities for long car trips and some fun but educational rainy day activities for your children.

Click and Climb

This is a place where your child can get one on one tutoring to help reinforce his math skills.  With this program, you can download a trial lesson or see an actual lesson in progress online.   I like the fact that you can try it before you buy it! In addition, if you are unhappy at any time with the progress your child is making, you can cancel the tutoring and get your money back.

This program is more straight forward and doesn’t have all the cutesy stuff that the other programs have. If your child is easily distracted by other programs with lots of animation and special effects,  you may want to look into this program

The Grace Academy

If you would like your children to be involved in a summer program run by a Christian organization, you may want to check out the Grace Academy.  Their extended school year summer program is formal and is an extension of their regular school program.  You can just sign up for the summer session, or you can have your child begin the traditional school year earlier than usual.  

I know of several homeschooling famlies that like to begin their school year in early August to have a cushion for the upcoming school year. If  someone gets sick or there is a family emergency, you won’t be rushing and fretting over whether you can reach the required 180 days of schooling to comply with the homeschool laws.

If  your child has learning disabilities or other learning issues, an extended school year could be just the thing to help her retain information and make significant progress in her studies.  You may want to school year round and just take 2 week breaks here and there.

There are a variety of online programs which can help your child succeed in her studies!  Some are geared towards fun, others are more structured.  Still others are for homeschooling families that would like to get a jump start on their school year. Pick one that works best for you and your family!


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