How To Handle “The Baby Blues”

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100_1559The birth of a child is a wonderful, exciting time.  So why do you feel so crummy?

Most new mothers get “the baby blues” in some degree or another.  After the rigors of pregnancy and child birth, your body has endured a lot.  Add on a little bit of sleep deprivation and the demands of caring for a new human being, and your bound to feel at least slightly depressed or overwhelmed at some point postpartum.  How do you handle “the baby blues”?

Get A Routine

For many women, especially those used to a work routine, the postpartum period can be very difficult.  If you are used to getting up, getting out of the house, and getting things accomplished, it can be depressing to realize that most of the day has gone and you haven’t even had time for a shower yet.

Make time to make a schedule.  Get up, get dressed and get showered if that was your morning routine.  It will help your mood considerably.  Dragging around the house in your pajamas may seem enticing, but it can also be depressing.

Keep In Touch

Take some time to keep in touch with your friends and family.  That may mean emailing people or making calls while the baby is sleeping.  Even if the calls are short, it is helpful to keep in touch with loved ones.  One word of caution: make sure to make calls to those in your support network who are uplifting and caring.  You need encouragement at this time, not discouragement.

Ask For Help

Especially if you’ve had a difficult delivery, it can be hard to handle the housework.  Ask for help if you need it!  You’d be surprised at the number of folks who don’t mind helping with child care and other responsibilities if asked. 

In our case, my children need to finish some “back to school shopping”.  I am not up to long shopping trips with my teenagers at this point, so my friend volunteered to take them shopping for me.  I am most grateful to her!

Take Some Time For You

This is so important!  Take some time to read, sleep, or take care of you! 

If none of these things help to improve your mood, or you feel that you are seriously depressed, you should talk with your doctor.


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